Luxury Yacht Cruises with Le Ponant

Whether you’re a devoted golfer, admirer of the world’s diverse beauty, or lover of the open seas, sailing with Le Ponant is one of the most unique and unforgettable experiences you could hope for. Le Ponant is an elegant French sailing yacht, designed to make luxurious, intoxicating excursions to some of the world’s most sought-after destinations.

Traveling with Le Ponant is more than just a cruise, it’s an exciting adventure that will take you to some the most private and secluded ports in the world; from the exotic shores of South America and the Caribbean, to the romantic Italian coastline, the Mediterranean and even the north and south poles. Whatever the course, Le Ponant is sure to sweep you away and set you on a journey you won’t soon forget.

Aside from amazing itineraries and breathtaking views, Le Ponant offers distinctive, French-inspired service that’s perfectly representative of its courtly native home. With a friendly, accommodating crew, intricate French cuisine and all the amenities of a Parisian resort, Le Ponant offers an authentic experience that’s second to none.

Excellent Service with Le Ponant

On board this 288 foot, 3-masted vessel, you’ll enjoy spacious, beautifully decorated cabins; stunning lounges and dining rooms; spa and fitness facilities, and a large, 4,300 square foot deck for the ultimate in sun tanning, sea watching and outdoor dining. And with an open bar, in-suite butler service and such extravagant surroundings, you’ll feel like a guest of honor as you sail around the world with comfort and class.

Luxury Lounge on Le Ponant

But there’s more to a Le Ponant cruise than just sailing and sight-seeing. Le Ponant offers exclusive, golf-themed excursions, making it a worthy investment for serious golfers. Tee off on the beautifully greened courses of the Caribbean—Royal St. Kitts, Four Seasons, Cuisinart Golf Club and Jolly Harbour—or play a few rounds on one of the many famous greens of the Mediterranean. Le Ponant’s themed excursions are 100% devoted to golf; providing an opportunity to sail and play with some of the greatest golfers in the world, on the most distinguished and celebrated courses of all time.

Golfing at Royal St. Kitts Golf Club

So before you plan out another typical vacation or book a trip on a large, overcrowded cruise ship, visit the Ponant Yacht Cruises and Expeditions website at to find out more about their exclusive, small party yacht excursions and golf packages, and take a virtual tour of their ship’s layout, cabins and facilities. You can also reach them at 888-400-1082 to ask questions or make reservations.