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The Rossi Hotel in Palm Springs

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Palm Springs—while a mecca for culture, art and golf—is more famous for its stifling summer nights and warm fall days. The charming desert city, though filled with fine dining and high-end resorts, lies nearly empty for months at a time during the summer, as travelers stay away from the oppressive heat. While the streets of Palm Springs can burn from the sun, there is a quaint oasis sequestered a few blocks from downtown, a place couples can go to escape both the overwhelming heat and stress of their daily lives—that place is the Rossi Hotel.

This small boutique hotel is an isolated retreat designed for couples to spend time together and reconnect. Formerly known as the San Giuliano Hotel, the property underwent a subtle rebranding in 2016 and became the Rossi Hotel. The rooms were renovated with secluded luxury in mind, each space designed to showcase added amenities and unique antiques curated from throughout the world. Each of the eight suites on the property is a private refuge tucked beneath the striking shadow of the San Jacinto Mountains, a romantic hotspot reminiscent of an intimate honeymoon.

Rossi Hotel in Palm Springs

Each of the rooms is equipped with a number of luxury amenities, including a private entrance and personal patio, a goose down comforter and pillows, an ironing board and accompanying iron, sweet air conditioning and a personal room safe. Even the smallest suites offer basic kitchen amenities, such as a small refrigerator, a microwave, a Verismo coffeemaker and a blender, with some of the larger rooms including a kitchenette with a stovetop. Each room also boasts an HD tv, DVD Player and free WiFi.

As far as in-room amenities, the Rossi Hotel checks all of the right boxes, yet it’s the opulent decor that makes the Rossi distinct. There are no cookie-cutter decorations or designs; each room features a characteristic ambiance evocative of Mediterranean travel—from the Fountain room, which features a large, secluded courtyard and soothing fountain, to the Sunset Hacienda, with its shimmering curtains representing a vibrant desert evening, each space is a brilliant display of passion breathing through the decor.

Rossi Hotel in Palm Springs

That passion stems from the Rossi’s owner and designer, Marina Rossi. After building a luxury fashion brand that found success among the stars, Rossi turned to her love of real estate and founded the Rossi Hotel Group in 2005. Redeveloping the San Giuliano Hotel into a unique relaxation destination has been a pet project of Marina Rossi’s for years. In regards to the recent renovations, the property was designed with her guests firmly in mind. “Physical, mental [and] spiritual relaxation,” Rossi says about her vision for the hotel. “The Rossi is a retreat for couples to grow closer... and I love that about our hotel.”

It’s a romantic hideaway, a sanctuary from reality doused in both comfort and splendor. Each room’s private patio—with a personal jacuzzi hot tub, plush seating and often mountain views—feels like a secluded  garden in the midst of Palm Springs. Unlike large-scale hotel chains, the Rossi is focused on guest tranquility, not mass- producing soulless spaces. Lush greenery and dessert flowers surround the quaint pool located in the central courtyard, where even the trees are adorned with decorations from around the world.