If you are into Greece, Italy, Southern France and Spain, then you obviously love the Mediterranean Sea and you visit it every now and then. It’s truly beautiful and “addictive”. Once you find yourself anywhere near there, you feel the need to visit it again and again as soon as possible. It’s no coincidence that most world-famous celebrities own at least a house near a coast of the aforementioned countries. But what can we actually do there? What’s so exhilarating about them?



That’s in reality lots of experiences in one! Booking a luxurious Mykonos villa by Clubzak will enable you to experience a whole new different world that only movies can depict. Apart from sunbathing on the comfortable sun loungers and having fun diving into your private pool, you can also keep yourself enjoyed in various other ways. For instance, have you heard that thousands of people come from overseas to get married in the Greek islands every year? You can, too. And guess what? You won’t have to worry about anything apart from what to wear. All the details of the ceremony can be arranged by the gentle staff of the villas. They are able to take good care of your guests and prepare the wedding dinner and the party to follow. Isn’t that great?


This fancy event takes place in Valencia at the end of August every year. It has been occurring for approximately 75 years now and it’s all about fun. As you might have already guessed it’s pretty impressive as the ones who take part in La Tomatina have tomato fights with each other and of course, sooner or later everyone turns red due to that!  Be careful though-you are not allowed to throw dangerous objects and please keep away from the fully loaded trucks carrying tomatoes as they may hurt you while cruising through the town.



That is the most well-known event in the south of France. It is said to be the second best and most exciting Carnival in the world after the one held in Rio, Brazil. It takes place from mid-February to early March and it’s so full of energy that it will take you away instantly. There are dozens of extraordinary floats and more than a million of participants that return just for the Carnival year after year. It’s a lifetime experience and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. In 2020 the theme of the Nice Carnival is “Roi de la Mode” (King of Fashion). Thus, book your hotel room early so as not to be found in the embarrassing moment of discovering that there is nowhere to stay.