Made Goods: Unique Furniture Pieces for Every Personality

Homeowners are often faced with the struggle of finding furniture pieces that would give life to their homes. The majority of furniture shops sell dull, mass-produced items – each piece looking exactly the same as the others. With these furniture pieces, homes end up looking generic when they should be a representation of the homeowners’ personalities. As a result, homeowners’ ability to express themselves in their homes is limited. The solution? One-of-a-kind furniture, fixtures, and decorative pieces by Made Goods.


Made Goods Can Bring Your Home to Life

Made Goods products are all hand-made. You won’t see any mass-produced items here! This means that each item is different from the rest – even if you buy two drawers of the same style, variation should still be expected as each drawer is separately made by hand. This means that each item is truly one-of-a-kind and you don’t have to worry about other homeowners having the same piece as you do. 


Aside from being individually crafted, these pieces are also very unique because of the amazing materials used to create them. The top-quality, natural materials used to make these aesthetically pleasing pieces are not typically used by your everyday furniture manufacturers thus giving them their uniqueness. The different linen, woods, stone, and metals used allow homeowners to experience textures and feels like no other.


They’re all so beautifully made, too. Each piece boasts the superior craftsmanship and skill from artisans from all around the world. They’re practically functional art pieces for your home, each statement piece possessing the ability to be a conversation-starter among guests.


In other words, they’re unique, visually appealing, and functional. Given all this, homeowners can surely find Made Goods pieces that can liven up their otherwise personality-dead homes.


Formal & Elegant

For homeowners who are into a life of elegance and grandeur, Made Goods chandeliers will surely capture their attention. Their natural, coco bead chandeliers, in particular, just ooze with so much elegance that it’d be hard for anyone with an eye for stylishness to ignore. One would think that coco beads are too tropical to look classy but the way Made Goods tastefully used the material around their chandelier different designs will prove otherwise.


Of course, when talking about elegance, nothing beats gold. There are a number of gold pieces that will also make any grandeur-seeking homeowner swoon. The stools, coffee tables, and stands from their Maxine line are inspired by the 70’s are glamorous, to say the least – and not only by sight, but these pieces also feature textures that are glamorous to touch. 


Their trays and lamps are also designed with subtle gold or brass accents that make the pieces stand out without making them too overpowering. The Kingston Faux Shagreen Lamp line exemplifies this with its high glamour brass border. Paired with faux Shagreen – a well-renowned material – and its Lucite base, this lamp can make any room look elegant.


Fun & Playful

With the different materials and textures used to create the pieces, you can expect some of them to be quite quirky and unusual. These pieces are perfect for homeowners who aren’t afraid to have fun and be playful with their furniture choices whether they exude fun through their design, color, or feel.


Their stools are all so artistically-made that they could be put up for display in museums as eccentric art pieces. Their best-selling Bea Stool Cracked Gold, in particular, is a nice little statement piece. It’s glossy, twisty, and textured – fun to make, fun to see, and fun to use.


The Nico Multicolor Bench is another piece that will catch anyone’s eye because of all the reclaimed, vintage saris that are woven to create the seating for this bench. This bold, colorful piece screams playfulness and will fit any fun-loving homeowner’s living room very well.


Smaller functional, decorative pieces like their best-selling Coco Coral Tray and the Isola in Gold Brass are not to be underestimated. They’re small, but they can easily transform an otherwise dull room into a fun space with their quirky designs.


Neat & Minimalistic

If you think that the unique designs and materials of Made Goods products only make for flashy, bold pieces that do not fit homeowners who prefer to keep their homes minimalistic, you’re dead wrong. 


Homeowners living a minimalist lifestyle should not be limited to buying generic, mass-produced furniture that leave guests falling asleep just looking at them. 


Their Jarin line is the perfect example of beautiful minimalism. With so many different pieces in this line, homeowners can fill a room with the entire line to keep up with the minimalist theme. There’s a coffee table, side table, dresser, console table, nightstand, double nightstand, and buffet.


They all have a simple, no-nonsense design but what makes them stand out from other minimalist furniture is the material it’s made of: faux Belgian linen – a material sought after for its beautiful, natural sheen. This was so cleverly used to add that “oomph” to what would have been simple-designed furniture. 


The Conrad line is another line that would suit minimalist homeowners. If you’re not into the sheen of faux Belgian linen, you might fall in love with the sheen of the hand-cast, raffia-like resin finish of the furniture from the Conrad line. You’d also find that this material is more durable than the former, making it an even more attractive choice for minimalists. This line features a dresser, nightstand, desk, and console table.


There’s no doubt that there’s a Made Goods furniture piece fitting for any and every homeowner personality. You can mix and match them or allow them to bask in your guests’ awe as individual statement pieces in different rooms. Regardless of how you use them to style and furnish your home, and regardless of whether they’re functional or decorative pieces, you’d find that each of the products has the ability to become the center of attraction of any room.


Impress your guests and allow your personality to shine beautifully through your home with Made Goods.