Maintenance tips for your Real Estate rental properties

Owning a property means you have to work towards maintaining a good relationship with your tenants. At the center of this relationship, however, lies the aspect of property management that can either develop or destroy what you have worked hard for over the years. Therefore, if you want to maintain your property's value, ensure to incorporate a regular maintenance schedule in your calendar. Remember, like any other form of investment, property too has an expiry duration something which you can prolong and refresh with the right tips at hand. From utility systems repair issues to filter replacements, here are a few tips to get you going;


1.Conduct Regular Extermination

It doesn't matter whether your rental property is prone to rodents or insects, make a point to exterminate at least once every two months. Through this, you prevent such problems from ever reoccurring/occurring, which saves you money in the long run. Remember to exterminate your whole property for long-lasting results. And with the help of a professional.


2. Gutter Cleaning

The gutters make an important part of your rental property. Hence, it's good to check up on them regularly. They can easily get clogged from all types of debris surrounding your property. If you happen to have trees in your compound, then this routine check-up is even more paramount.


If you don't prevent this on time, then be ready for dire consequences, which could include water leakages to the roof, walls and even building a foundation. You don't want that, right? You can also opt to install gutter guards on your property right from the start. It might seem expensive, but it's cheaper in the long-run.


3. Water Heater Draining

While most property owners remember to clean their filters, most forget about the water heater system. Like any other system, lack of regular flushing of the water heater can lead to the collection of sediment in your precious unit, thus reducing its efficiency and functionality. At the extreme, this can badly damage the drainage valve, which is quite expensive to replace.


Avoid all this by ensuring you conduct a draining procedure at least yearly. Here you can hire an experienced contractor to help you out, or you could do it by yourself if you can religiously adhere to the safety precautions.


4. Filter Changing

It makes no sense to spend a valuable sum of money on your filters if your tenants can't get the best out of the heat and air conditioning systems. Therefore, to ensure that the filtration system's efficiency remains top-notch, ensure to change your filters at least twice a year.


To ensure you purchase the right filter, always consult with your system manufacturer and don't forget to check out Filterbuy online for a more detailed look on air filters. Remember, dealing with dirty filters can not only increase your utility bills by a greater margin, but also lead to the contamination of the air duct, which is pretty expensive to unclog.


After all, you don't want to lose tenants due to high utility bills, right?


5. Water Leakages/Dampness

Sometimes it might be extremely difficult to detect the source of water leakages or dampness. Therefore, save yourself the frustration by conducting frequent checkups especially during the rainy season, winter or summer when the pipes can easily meltdown.


Consequently, keep a keen eye on any soft spot on leakage-prone areas such as the roof, walls and even ceilings. You can also examine for any kind of uncommon dampness along the windows, the shower area, and toilet.


Common water source areas such as under the sinks, any boilers and heaters shouldn't be ignored either.


Remember, the earlier you detect water leakages, the better for you and your bank account as prolonged leakages can lead to irreversible damages. Sometimes even leading to total property renovation, which will take a toll on your finances.


Detectors Inspection

If you happen to install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on your rental property(which you should), then it's only right if you conduct monthly inspections to ensure of their efficiency. In fact, it doesn't matter whether you have them connected to an electric power source or use batteries, all that matters is the fact that they save lives and so they should be functional throughout the year.


Also, when you purchase your detectors, ensure to record their lifespan, so that you get to replace them on time. Most of them can serve you well for up to five years or even more.


Having a functional rental property maintenance routine goes a long way into increasing the value of your property, making it attractive to potential tenants. It also encourages tenants to take good care of the property.