Make Reading More Pleasurable With These Home Library Must-Haves

Make Reading More Pleasurable With These Home Library Must-Haves


Your home library is not like the rest of your home. Your library should be a getaway, an opportunity for you to escape, and go into another world. You want your space to be a place that is distraction free, where you can engross yourself, in your books, the pages, and the words. You can turn any room or space into your own personal quiet sanctuary by incorporating a few tips and design suggestions. The following are some of the things you can add in your home library for a more pleasurable reading:

Warm Walls

You want your library to be a space that you’ll love spending your time in and whether it’s directly or peripherally, you’ll be looking at your walls. Because these walls will be in your eyesight so often, you’ll want to make sure they are the right color. If you are looking for a warmer feel for your library, painting the walls in dark colors like maroon, brown or dark grey can give you a warm Victorian feeling. If you like a more spacious or airy feel, you might want to consider light colors like light blues, beiges, or light greys.


Libraries can be stiff places, places meant for studying and accommodating lots of people. The great thing about a home library is you don’t have to accommodate anyone else but yourself. So you won’t need stiff, small chairs and large tables. Find a comfortable chair, or even sofa/couch that you know you’ll be comfortable reading in for hours. Just don’t get something too comfortable that you might doze off in while reading.


As mentioned, comfort is king (or queen). The experts at know that the softest cushions can improve the comfort of your study or sitting area. They also can add a positive and soothing aesthetic feel to your room, and level up your furniture from making it feel too basic or simple. This can give your room a more inviting feeling. So to complement your furniture and room with cushions -- lots and lots of cushions.


You’ve got your comfortable furniture, and have some pillows to compliment it, why not throw in a throw. A blanket comes in handy for those chilly nights where you want to curl up with a good book. You can match the throws with your cushions for that added aesthetic appeal. Just throw one over the back of your couch and it will always be within reach whenever you are feeling a bit nippy.  


This isn’t your regular library, no one is going to “shh” you. With that in mind, why stick to stiff ideas that you can only decorate your library with what goes into a library? For added flavor, pun indeed intended, why not have a coffee or espresso machine somewhere in your library? This will help if you ever find yourself in a long or extended study session, but also comes in handy when you want to spend a night in with a good book and keep warm with some coffee or tea.  


Lighting is important for every study. Long gone are the days of reading underneath the sheets with your trusty flashlight. This room should feature adequate and warm lighting, comfortable for your eyes. Floor lamps are great for character and help add a little extra focus light next to a sofa or chair, and can be more efficient than lighting an entire room. If you plan on doing a lot of reading during the day, big windows are great to have as they allow lots of natural light in. The added warmth from the sun will no doubt put you in that reading mood. There’s nothing much more picturesque than reading with the sunlight hitting you.  


Your library is only limited as far as your imagination. You may not be an author creating the stories in the novels you read, but you can create the world around you and decorate it so as to tell a story. If you want to go simple or futuristic, some modern art might be down your road. If you want a classic or Victorian feel, frames and portraits can add character. Fill your walls with art that speaks to you.


What would a library be without books? You’re going to need bookshelves. This is where you can continue your storytelling, and put your collection on display. Highlight favorite books with a front facing display, or coffee table display. Tell visitors what books appeal to you with a word. Show them what novels inspire you with your shelves.


At the end of the day, this is your library and you need to feel comfortable in it. Don’t be afraid to change things up as frequently as you need to so you can enjoy your own personal space.