Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger With These Tips

Your bathroom should be the peaceful oasis you dream of to wash away the day’s stress and grime after work. It’s the perfect place to unwind from tough days and make the great days even better. It, therefore, makes sense to have a bathroom with as much space to give you and your significant other the comfort of moving around and the satisfaction of a visually appealing room.

How to make your bathroom feel bigger (Source: Pixabay)  

If your bathroom space is limited, you can do a lot to make it feel more lively and spacious. With the right combination of colors and interior design elements, you can use visual tricks to create this illusion. For already spacious bathrooms, the same tricks can further make them appear even bigger.

Here is how to use visual interior design elements to make your bathroom feel bigger:


It’s all about the Right Colors


The color of your bathroom walls, sink, vanity, and toilet will all affect its appeal of space. Ideally, the trick is to use colors that are borderline similar to each other. You can never go wrong with an all-white bathroom. Other than the fact that most of the bathroom’s elements - sinks, toilets, and vanities - are typically white, the color reflects light making the space feel as airy and vast as possible. 


If you are worried about the space looking dull, you can add textural elements throughout, such as molding and fabric accents to give it some character. For those who don’t want to use an all-white color scheme, you can still incorporate different colors, though the best option is to choose neutral colors. While making your bathroom remodels, consider using a consistent color throughout. If you must mix a few colors, at least ensure that one color dominates over the rest to avoid jarring visual breaks.


Less Means More


For tight spaces, every chance you get to create more space should be utilized. However, this creates a struggle between storage and space. Ideally, using a floating vanity or choosing to reduce the size of your vanities by a few inches can be enough. The fact that your feet can slide below the vanity gives the appeal that your bathroom is bigger than it actually is. If possible, consider also recessing your storage into the wall. 


Mirrors Are Your Friend


Mirrors can do wonders in regard to creating the illusion of a larger space, especially in bathrooms. While large mirrors can be a little bit expensive, they are way cheaper than installing tiles. They also offer more value space-wise.


If possible, you should consider splurging on a large mirror with an amazing frame. You can also go wall-to-wall with a large mirror to make the mirror feel like part of the room. If you choose to use smaller mirrors, look for places where installing them won’t make them seem out of place. For instance, you can install them at the doors of your hanging toiletry cabinets.


Be Smart With Your Lighting Options


Large lights and lights that hang from the ceiling will work best for bathrooms with large spaces. For bathrooms with tight spaces, you need to use your lighting creatively. The trick is to provide the room with enough ambient light without affecting the available space. For instance, if your ceiling isn’t that high, avoid installing hanging lights.


How to get the most out of your bathroom (Source: Pixabay)  

Instead, install lights that take less space. You can install them alongside your bathroom mirror and close to your sink. Since the bathroom is a room that requires a lot of light, ensure that you choose the right lighting for the room.




The first step for space-increasing bathroom remodels is to take account of the different aspects of your bathroom. Next, carefully choose the areas that need changing. By incorporating the tips above, creating the illusion of a bigger bathroom will be e