Manscaped Review: Trimming the Stigma from Male Grooming

In the past few months, San Diego residents have seen advertisements around the city for a locally-based company called Manscaped. The company has made itself more visible outside of its digital marketing, but people still wonder what Manscaped is all about. Recently, Paul Tran, CEO and Founder of Manscaped, took some time to give some candid answers to FINE Magazine about his company, and their approach to growing their brand.

Manscaped Review-we-save-balls-nice clean shave

FINE:  What is your 2-sentence “elevator speech” description of Manscaped, for those that have been unfamiliar with the brand up to this point? 

Paul Tran:  MANSCAPED is the leader in below-the-waist grooming, providing precision-engineered tools, unique formulations, and accessories for an effective manscaping routine for the modern man. We Save Balls™ with our intelligently designed products and through our partnership and support of the Testicular Cancer Society.

FINE:  It’s been said that when someone starts a business, they have found a need that can be filled by their company or idea. What did you see missing on the market that only Manscaped supplies?

Paul Tran: We’re the first grooming brand to focus on the male groin and create specifically engineered tools for that area. It is a pretty sensitive area. MANSCAPED was the first to speak to the importance of keeping a man’s nether regions properly taken care of. We’ve created an entire market that didn’t exist five years ago.

FINE:  With the idea of male grooming, how has your company needed to walk a fine line between communicating the intent of the products and avoiding offending people with your descriptions of the products and services?

Paul Tran:  Our marketing team is very sensitive when it comes to brand and product messaging. You are right, it is a very fine line and one that is sometimes difficult to navigate. Our north star has been staying true to the belief that it’s all about how one feels and not how one should feel. We aim to create products that make you cleaner and in turn makes you feel better. 

FINE:  The Manscaped commercials on the website, Facebook, and on YouTube, are quite funny. How important is humor in the marketing of the Manscaped brand?

Paul Tran:  It’s core to who we are as a brand. Humor makes talking about below-the-waist grooming more approachable. We aim to educate men on the importance of proper grooming and hygiene, without coming across as commanding or patronizing.

FINE:  Can you share other examples of corporate advertising that have received positive responses? Any negative responses?

Paul Tran - Founder of ManscapedPaul Tran:  Our video advertisements like you’ve seen on YouTube, are usually the first introduction to MANSCAPED for many of our customers — which almost consistently generate positive sentiment from our audiences. Our comedic and educational approach to social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and TikTok have also garnered a lot of positive attention.

On the other hand, MANSCAPED is an inclusive brand that believes that any kind of man deserves to be properly groomed and hygienic. With that, we actively support diverse and multicultural casting in our advertisements, advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and speak to the many definitions of masculinity in the 21st century. 

FINE:  I’ve seen the Manscaped advertisement at the San Diego Seals professional lacrosse games. This is the one where, in front of the home bench, there is a strategically-placed banner with the company name covering the otherwise seemingly naked lower-half of male bodies. How has the feedback been on that kind of advertising?

Paul Tran:  Our first real push into out of home advertising began at the end of 2019, with a focus in our hometown of San Diego, and the response has been overwhelming. We aim to bring the same comedic and cheeky creative that people are used to seeing digitally to our physical advertisements in sports arenas, on billboards, and at sporting events to capture attention and create conversation.

FINE:  Have there been any ideas from within the company for advertising that have gotten shot down by those on the outside? If so, would you care to give an example?

Paul Tran:  It’s easy to start rattling off ideas that speak to the many implications that an improperly or properly groomed groin can have on someone’s sex life. Although this marketing angle is funny and relatable, it’s one territory we are trying to stay away from.

FINE:  When explaining what Manscaped does, it appears that the only two approaches would be utilizing euphemisms or literal anatomical terms.  How risqué can the product names and descriptions be while still conveying a professional demeanor?

Paul Tran:  We rarely speak to literal or anatomical terms in our advertisements. Generally, it really depends on the medium the message is being communicated through. 

FINE:  Manscaped has made its presence known in San Diego since the company began in 2016. How is Manscaped growing its visibility on a larger regional or national scale? What is next for Manscaped?

Paul Tran:  In 2019, we launched in Target, Ulta, and CVS. Last month, we launched the new iteration of our anchor product, the Lawn Mower 3.0. In 2020, you can expect continued growth of our retail footprint and the introduction of new intelligently designed products for a properly groomed man. 


We couldn’t make any of this progress without the talented people behind MANSCAPED. We expanded our team over 500% in 2019 and expect to continue the momentum of the MANSCAPED movement into 2020. Our team is constantly searching for experts looking to join one of the fastest-growing direct to consumer brands in the country. We’re so proud to call San Diego home. 

FINE:  And finally, does Paul Tran, CEO of Manscaped, use Manscaped products?

Paul Tran:  Absolutely! I’ve been an avid user and guinea pig tester for all products since founding the company. All of our employees are customers and get to test new products regularly. Once you start, your grooming game is changed forever.


Manscaped offers an array of products that are focused on improving the process of male grooming. From trimmers to sprays and deodorants and even boxers and t-shirts, Manscaped is a one-stop shopping destination for men looking for a brand that is focused on the needs of what has, for too long, been a sensitive and often taboo subject. With direct-to-consumer shipping, as well as in-store options, Manscaped has attempted to remove the excuses for ignoring personal self-care. Manscaped can be found on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube, as well as on their website at