Erté Fine Jewelry

Erté Fine Jewelry

Erté Fine Jewelry

The Inspiration

Known the world over as Erté, Romain de Tirtoff is often called the father of Art Deco. Erté Fine Jewelry is a heritage brand based on Erté’s creative reproductions and artistic archive—featuring a fusion of the curvilinear designs of Art Nouveau with the modern geometrical designs of Cubism. Aside from a heavy hand in the fashion industry, Erté’s legacy has been one of elegance and timeless beauty.

“The three graces of a woman are beauty, charm and elegance.
     The most important of them is elegance.” —Erté


Pearl marquise Earrings $9,900
Diamonds, south sea pearls and gold.


Checker Necklace $22,300
Pearls, diamonds, black diamonds and gold. 

The Legacy

Erté’s career spanned over 70 years, from blossoming in the 1920s to ending by virtue of his death in 1990. As the widely acknowledged master of Art Deco in the 1920s and ‘30s, he created exuberantly fanciful costumes in his Paris studio for Anna Pavlova, Mrs. William Randolph Hearst and Josephine Baker.

Marquise Cuff $11,500
Diamonds, onyx (67 karats), gold and silver. 

Le Rayonament Ring $8,725
Diamonds, topaz, mother of pearl  and gold.

The Collection

The Premier Collection sets the stage for the brand with a classic black-and-white story, which will elegantly unfold for years to come and is particularly on trend this season. Maison d’Erte CEO, Mark Gough noted the collections will be marketed primarily to private clients through exclusive, well curated venues and select fine jewelers.  The graceful balance of being fashionable and timeless is what makes this collection Erté.

Le Rayonament Ring $8,725
Diamonds, topaz, mother of pearl  and gold.

La Marquise Ring $8,500
Onyx, diamonds and gold.