It's "Rain" Season at The Old Globe

The Old Globe Brings the Rain to Town

The Old Globe's production of Rain

Photo by Jim Cox

Rain has arrived in San Diego, and it's not from the dreaded El Nino! Somerset Maugham’s classic story Rain is coming to The Old Globe Theatre from March 24th to May 1st.

Rain, which has been adapted to film three times, follows two unfamiliar traveling couples faced with a measles epidemic. Though the Davidsons and MacPhails featured in Rain are aboard the same ship, they could not be any more different. While the MacPhails could not care less about religion, the Davidsons’ life mission is to convert others to Christianity. After learning that they will be stranded on the island of Pago-Pago for 10 days, the Davidsons and MacPhails take shelter in the home of a local trader in hopes of passing the time comfortably without any disruption. However, when they meet the eccentric Sadie Thompson, their journey takes an unexpected turn. 

Director Barry Edelstein demonstrates his versatility through his involvement with this production because he is most popular for directing the summer Shakespeare shows. Edelstein has been the artistic director at the Old Globe Theatre since 2012, and has directed nearly half of Shakespeare’s canon. Edelstein is also familiar with the writing field, as he has produced several articles about Shakespeare and theater for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New Republic, and American Theater.

The cast of eight features Globe veterans Jeremy Davis, Rusty Ross, Mike Sears, and Tally Sessions. Rusty Ross was an original cast member of the musical version of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stile Christmas. Jeremy Davis, on the other hand, was also a recent member of the Old Globe Theater’s dance musical In Your Arms. Many other cast members are Broadway veterans, including Eden Espinosa, who is best-known for her role as Elphaba in Broadway's Wicked.

The creative team behind The Old Globe's production of Rain includes J. Oconer Navarro, the show's music director, Katherine Roth, who is designing the costumes, and Mark Wendland, who is directing scene design, Ken Travis (sound design). The premiere of Rain follows some of The Old Globe's fantastic 2016 hits, including The Last Match and The Metromaniacs. The Old Globe season will continue with Constellations, Camp David, Tokyo Fish Story, and many others throughout the year. As always, The Old Globe will be producing their summer Shakespeare series beginning in June.

Previews begin on March 24th at The Old Globe Theater. Ticket prices for Rain vary throughout the week. Weekday tickets range from $36 to $99, while weekend tickets range from $45 to $104. To purchase tickets, please visit The Old Globe or call (619) 234-5623.