March 2018

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La Jolla High School Vikings Hamburger Thrills Locals!

Support La Jolla High School fundraise by purchasing a delicious brisket burger!

Diversity within the Beauty Community

With his iconic bright blue hair, Gabriel Zamora is one thing, a show-stopper. Gabriel shows that you don’t have to be a woman to always look fabulous. His over the top and vivacious personality is what has granted him 450 thousand followers. With tutorials almost everyday, and hilarious videos, Gabriel Zamora has become an important beauty influencer.

Art Society Presents "Universal Notes"

San Diego's Watercolor Society celebrates its talented members by hosting monthly watercolor exhibits. The show for the entire month of March is called "Universal Notes," and is open to the public, no matter the age. Bring the family to this art exhibit at the Point Loma Liberty Station.

Exciting Architectural Wonders Buildings to Open

From galleries and museums to institutes and financial centers, every year the world gets richer by truly fascinating architectural designs. Anticipated by many since their constructions started, 2018 has prepared a lot of exciting buildings to open and the world is ready.

Basic Maintenance Tips For Water Heater Homeowners Must Know

Water heaters are Godsend devices that help people with their baths. Every bath time becomes more comfortable with warm water. Most people are looking forward to such baths after a long day at work or after doing a lot of things. It’s very relaxing. Basic Maintenance Tips For Water Heater Homeowners Must Know

Top Steakhouses in San Diego

Meet some of the steakhouses around San Diego that have come to the forefront in an age of extreme culinary competition and sophisticated taste buds.

Dos and Don’ts for the Ultimate Bachelor Party

Most people associate bachelor and bachelorette parties with heavy drinking, perhaps with some games and costumes thrown in. However, now that holidays abroad have become the new norm, the stakes are infinitely higher, leaving the best man in charge of a seemingly mountainous task. Planning a bachelor party can be stressful and time-consuming, but with some careful planning and prior knowledge, it can be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do. Here are some dos and don’ts to help you plan the ultimate celebration for your soon-to-be-married friend.

Season's New Color Collection: Pantone Color Institute

This past September, Pantone released their Fashion Color Trend Report— an overview of colors that correspond to top colors in fashion from all kinds of designers and showing at New York Fashion Week— for the season of Spring 2018.

Fun Activities and Top-Notch Hotels in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas! Now, before anyone starts booking their flight and packing their suitcase it’s important to look into one more thing! That’s right, the hotel/resort. To be more specific, this article will be focusing on several of the incredible hotels and fun activities in Cabo San Lucas. We have put together Fun Activities and Top-Notch Hotels in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Effective Planning for Your Family’s Future

When you decide to settle down and start a family, it can be a hectic time with young children, work and starting a new home together. The future can seem a long way away, however, before you realize it has crept up on you. That is why it is important that you try to prepare your family for the future by planning ahead. By thinking ahead, you can help to deal with those big events in your family’s life.

Advantages of Self Storage Units

Self-storage units ought to be exceptionally helpful for you to open up. Just simply open the latch. Other self-storage solutions require a forklift to move boxes around to get to your things, and this can be tedious and badly designed. In a perfect world you need to get to your unit rapidly, elevate what you require and get on with your day.

Red Sparrow Movie Review

'Red Sparrow' seems to transpire in a distant Communist land, with a protagonist who is fed up by the conformity of powerful men who take advantage, and a fraudulent and sclerotic political system that is every bit as repulsive as those it employs. Although the uninhabited grand lavish buildings and stair ways, cold and lifeless weather, and unmissable Russian monuments say otherwise, the reality is, this is a world not too distant.