Comradery in the Abstract: Three Artists On Display Find Common Ground In Their Message.

In the heart of La Jolla, the Athenaeum Music & Arts Gallery is currently displaying works from three prominent and distinct artists: Antonio Adriano Puleo, Kraig Cavanaugh and Claire Van Vliet. Each artist takes an individualistic approach to artistic expression by utilizing different mediums, yet their shared appreciation for the abstract has forged a unique harmony among them.


Antonio Adriano Puleo In and In-Between

Puleo’s exhibit entitled In and In-Between challenges pre-conceived notions of space and shape. Using gouache, Puleo has created conceptual paintings which effectively display the artistry of the collage. His emphasis on both positive and negative shapes exposes the versatility and presence of space while simultaneously incorporating simplistic undertones. The exhibit, In and In-Between, is located in the Joseph Clayes III Gallery of the Athenaeum.




Kraig Cavanaugh Aesthetic Engineering

Cavanaugh employs the art of sculpture as his expressive medium in his exhibit appropriately entitled Aesthetic Engineering. Incorporating wire, magnets and clock mechanisms along with acrylic paint, he has produced abstract sculptures, skillfully merging the abstract with the physical. The natural world is very present in Cavanaugh’s work as this current exhibit showcases many wire-based flower sculptures. The exhibit, Aesthetic Engineering, can be found in the Rotunda Gallery.

Claire Van Vliet Janus Press

Van Vliet is the founder of Janus Press, a publishing house which promotes the work of printmakers, artists and writers. Also an artist, Van Vliet specializes in bookmaking. Her approach to this medium of expression is conceptual and whimsical in nature as books on display defy tradition with abstract shapes that jump off the pages and the visual aspects of books are held at equal importance to their literary value.  Van Vliet’s work argues that the physical and visual components of a book are essential to the experience of reading a book and literature is an artform that is capable of incorporating aesthetic appeal. The Janus Press exhibit is located in the North reading room of the Athenaeum.