March 2019

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Women’s Hats Etiquette: Fashion Dos And Don’ts When Wearing One

Once there was an era where a hat was considered to be an essential piece found in every woman’s closet. Nowadays, women still wear hats for practical reasons like for blocking the sunlight when going to the beach. However, there are certain basic rules to wearing hats.

The top 5 things you could do to reduce your home-related spending

Homeownership can be a money pit at times. Utility bills, insurance, routine maintenance are all costly – and let’s not get started on emergency repairs. In short, it is a responsibility you should not take lightly.

San Diego Police Foundation "Women in Blue"

The Women in Blue Luncheon was the signature event of a movement that empowered diversity & female leadership in a sector that serves & protects the business community: Law Enforcement.

How to Best Utilize Small Freezers

Ah, preparing for the lean months. If you are smart, you will invest in a small freezer so that you can stock up on a lot of the essentials for your family. They are extremely nifty at ...

Elevate Your Mental Health With Abate Organics CBD Oil​

Abate Organics™ CBD oil is a natural approach to improving your health. It is the mental health medicine of the future. In many cases, CBD oil has replaced common medicine to treat a variety of mental and physical ailments.

Be a Luxury Homeowner: How to Buy a House with Bad Credit in San Diego

Luxury Homeowner: How to Buy a House with Bad Credit in San Diego Do you dream of being a luxury homeowner in San Diego,

Tips to Find a Water Fire Damage Restoration Ann Arbor MI Business for Your Needs

Fire incidents, plumbing issues, broken sewerage, and floods may cause severe fire and water damage to a residential or commercial establishment. That's why...

5 Ways You Can Enhance Your Video Game Experience

Gaming is one of the best things men invented; well, after sliced bread and the wheel. You take up gaming for various reasons. You are in it for the adventure, to socialize with your friends and meet new people, and sometimes, to earn a living.

Guide on Choosing a Reliable Hot Water Systems

Finding the ideal hot water system (HWS) depends on a few factors. Besides working with a budget, there are other considerations that can point you to the right system. Bearing in mind that air conditioning and water heating account for a big chunk of your energy spending per annum, you should choose a system that works efficiently within your budget.


Feeling stress has become part of our everyday life for most, due in part to the fast pace life we live and technology. Getting 100+ emails a week to read or delete, working maybe multiple jobs, raising kids or dogs and everything that goes into that, running a household, social media addiction and squeezing in social activities - it can be exhausting.

Importance of proper sleep to gain a healthy lifestyle

Recent research has shown that sleep deprivation affects your everyday lifestyle. You will find it difficulty trying to stay awake during the day because you did not have enough sleep last night.

5 Amazing Ways To Prevent Glaucoma

Are you worried about getting glaucoma and you want to do something about it? If so, you might be surprised to learn that there are many easy things you can do to prevent glaucoma and where to get Glaucoma treatment in New Jersey. Here are five ways you should consider trying.