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Mariela Torres started a tee shirt/sweatshirt line around nine months ago called Killem With Chic (CHIC-creating happiness, inspiring confidence). Based in San Diego, Torres is passionate about fashion and realizes that in order to grow in this community she will have to connect and reach out to the public. Torres is a designer who has been in the fashion industry for over ten years. Torres has always been in the fashion world; she ran a couple of boutiques in San Diego, but progressed to be a leased manager at Karen Millen inside Bloomingdale's, as well as an assistant manager at Kitson before the place went bankrupt.

All of her experience taught her how to run a store. Along the way, she learned the ins and outs of buying, merchandising, marketing, hiring, payroll, social media, styling, book keeping, and coordinating daily activities. One of her favorite things has been closet clean-outs, where she helps people look and feel their best through a makeover. All of this shaped her and took her to the next level of her career, which has been starting her own line of clothing. 

In the last five years she has been thinking about starting her fashion line. Last year (2015) presented many challenges for her in her personal life, which ultimately inspired Torres to quit her job and start the Killem With Chic Fashion line. She attributes her inspiration for this career move to a quote by Confucius: “You have two lives. The second one begins when you realize you only have one.” Her mission is to inspire other women to live their lives bravely and freely, and pursue their passions with a sense of confidence and purpose. 

Killen with Chic

She feels that style and originality define her head-to-toe designs and drives her to produce a witty twist to classic ideas. Her own fashion line started with a timeless white v-neck tee shirt because she believes they will never go out of style. Torres sees T-shirts as the ultimate clothing item. They’re effortless and easy to use, and in her opinion you can wear a t-shirt with anything. 

Torres is one of those designers that gets easily inspired. She takes humor from the city and listening to a lot of rap music, which is where her gangsta/hood tees get their humor from. When she first began her business, all of her experience in the fashion industry made it easy for her to find materials and put the designs together but the emotional journey was tough. Time has taught her a lot about what materials she wants to use. She has been in the process of figuring out what works and what does not. 

Killem with Chic

Torres will have a chance to continue to develop with the Fashion Week San Diego Spring Showcase around the corner. She has coordinated events in the past, but never on this level. Still, Torres is sure to rock the showcase. “I do feel prepared for it. I know this is my time to shine,” says Torres about the event. Her fashion line has received a positive response in San Diego. Direct messages through social media show love and support of her new line. Torres has also seen her t-shirts on girls out enjoying the nightlife, or groups sporting her shirts for bachelorette parties. One of her shirts was seen in Las Vegas, proving that her designs are beginning to travel outside of Southern California. 

Torres plans to expand the brand with men’s, children’s, and pet’s clothing lines as well. She would like to continue the same classic theme with a witty and funny twist, as is characteristic of Killem with Chic

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