Marketing Automation Trends To Watch In 2019


Marketing has become an even bigger and more important tool when it comes to enabling a business to be successful, especially where smaller businesses are concerned. Marketing is a process that should always be revamped and refreshed to make it more efficient and effective, with many businesses turning to marketing automation of late to help their business further succeed in this area. With each year bringing its own trends, it’s always advantageous to consider which are best for a specific strategy.

One thing that many in the marketing sector will find, and likely be guilty of, is a lack of segmentation where a marketing automation strategy is concerned. While segmentation will be a part of the plan in some respects, potentially where key emails such as promotional messages are concerned, it’s the everyday strategy where gets overlooked. This is often to the detriment of open and click-through rates, with MailChimp finding that through segmentation open rates increase by 14.31% and click -through rates 100.95%. Therefore, segmentation for emails must be a trend to be aware of.

There’s no doubting that influencer marketing has not only become a thing of late, but the popularity of this strategy is continuing to grow at an impressive rate. However, the downside to influencer marketing is that it’s often interpreted incorrectly which then can hold its effectiveness back somewhat. 

What you often see is influencer marketing interpreted as a post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram by somebody with a large reach, with the hope of the post making the most of said reach. However, a trend that is worth investigating is to develop a relationship with influencers, to collaborate in different and more effective ways, which will, therefore, see influencer marketing have the desired effect in the short, mid and long term.

A lot has been said about chatbots over the last 12 months or so, and 2019 could be their biggest year yet. While they may have been around for a while, more and more businesses are now deciding whether to use them going forward as an integral part of their marketing automation approach, or whether to cast them aside. 

There may even be scope for companies to incorporate the tech into their actual service. Take for example online bingo, where it is the norm for members of popular bingo brands such as mFortune to interact with bingo chat hosts and reps. There may be scope for bots to be the first line of communication for certain situations. 

The reality is, chatbots shouldn’t be seen as the be all and end-all, but they’re the perfect supplement for any successful marketing strategy. Where marketing is concerned, chatbots could, for example, improve the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns and customer service, but not replace them entirely.

Marketing automation in 2019 can be the difference between success and failure in many respects, especially where smaller businesses are concerned. However, companies shouldn’t expect to sign up to use tools such as an email drip to suddenly increase their effectiveness and efficiency in marketing. There are a lot of trends and strategies to consider with marketing automation and it’s important to investigate as many as possible and to then put a clear and concise plan in place.