Marketing Planning Process: How to Get Organized

Putting together a winning marketing plan requires time, creativity and strategy. To stay on top of your marketing tactics and make the most of your efforts, you need to get organized. Here are some tips to get your plans together while saving time and energy.

Set Goals

Before you get started with any marketing strategy, you’ll need to set goals for your business. Think about what you hope to gain from your marketing efforts. Is it new customers? Recommendations from existing clients? Write down the top three things you want to achieve through marketing. Use custom real estate software to outline marketing objectives and start developing content to meet them.

Identify the Biggest Wins

Now that you know where you’re headed, it’s time to decide how to get there. Based on your list of goals, identify your top priorities for success. For example, if the most important outcome is to grow your social media following in order to build brand awareness, that’s the win you’re working toward. Having a clear idea of what success looks like will direct the tactics and tools you use to get there. Create measurable, timely outcomes for every marketing project you tackle.

Determine Your Target Audience

All marketing efforts should be directed toward a specific target audience. If the goal is to grow a social media following for your real estate business specializing in high-end properties, your target audience might be middle-aged buyers with significant income. Write down the characteristics of your target audience, including location, demographic traits and behaviors. This list will guide your process for creating and distributing marketing content.

Give Yourself a Schedule

With your strategic plan outlined, you’re ready to start writing marketing messages. A structured content calendar will help you outline messages across a full campaign, creating marketing elements that tie together and reinforce your brand’s personality. Make a spreadsheet that outlines your marketing messages and the content that will deliver those messages. If your marketing plan aims to grow a social media audience filled with potential buyers of high-end real estate properties, fill your editorial calendar with sharply written copy and quality photos. Set aside time every week to create new posts. You can schedule them in advance directly through Facebook, or use a social media scheduling service such as Hootsuite or Buffer to manage all your messaging across Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Measure the Results

You’ve put time and effort into your marketing plan. Make sure you know if it’s worked by measuring your results against the outcomes you included in your list of goals. Measurement is an essential step to understanding whether your tactics were effective. If you were successful in gaining social media followers, look at the posts that received the most engagement and make notes about what you can re-create for future campaigns. If you fell short of your goal, look at the posts that performed the least well and note what can be improved for your next content cycle.

Creating a winning marketing process is all about setting goals, knowing your audience and staying consistent. Get organized with the help of marketing templates and watch your business grow.