Marking a Milestone: How to Plan the Perfect Anniversary Trip


It is vital to keep the spark alive in your marriage, regardless of whether you have been married for 10, 25 or 50 years. Rather than settling for the same old restaurant or another trip to the movies, you should make a landmark anniversary count to make your partner feel special.

Prove to your husband or wife you have never regretted saying “I do” by ensuring he or she has an unforgettable vacation to celebrate a milestone. Here’s how to plan the perfect anniversary trip.

Outline a Vacation Budget

Your vacation will be determined by your budget, which you should outline before you make a booking. Factor in a range of costs, such as exactly how much you want to pay for accommodation, flights, airport transfers, excursions, food, and drink, plus more. Set a realistic budget to ensure you don’t run out of money abroad, which could ruin your anniversary.

Browse the Market to Discover the Best Deals

Unless you have your heart set on a select date, you should consider adjusting your vacation dates to reduce the price of your flights and hotels. Don’t settle for the first price you find and use comparison sites to find the best deal for your favorite hotel, airline, or attraction tickets.

Think About the Best Activities for You Both

Think carefully about the type of activities you would both like to experience on vacation. For example, are you both dreaming of relaxing on a beach, or would you prefer to explore a big city and visit a variety of attractions? Are you looking for sheer luxury or do you prefer budget travel?

You also must take each other’s feelings into account, so you will book a trip you will both enjoy. Choose a destination wisely to ensure you get everything you want to experience out of a vacation.

Check Destinations Off Your Travel Bucket List

Both you and your husband or wife might dream of visiting one or more destinations across the world – and there will be no better time to do so than on a landmark anniversary. You could even check multiple locations off your travel bucket list in one quick swoop. For example, you could book a romantic, luxury Mediterranean cruise with Celebrity, which means that you will both experience a new destination every day.

Present Your Partner with an Anniversary Gift

A vacation will be a treat for both of you to celebrate your anniversary, but that doesn’t mean you’re exempt from buying your partner a romantic gift. If you’re celebrating a marriage milestone, such as the 25th wedding anniversary, you should present your husband or wife with a gift.

Try to provide your partner with a keepsake of both your anniversary and vacation. For example, you could give your husband or wife a personalized watch or an item of jewelry when enjoying a romantic dinner. You can guarantee they won’t see it coming, and it will make them realize exactly why they love you.