Edgy Button-down Men's Shirts by Maceoo San Diego

The personality and lifestyle of men’s cutting edge fashions by Maceoo

All photography courtesy of Maceoo


Driven by passion and innovation, Maceoo San Diego unveils a season of colour, personality and lifestyle for men’s fashions. Known for their cutting edge designs – often inspired by their world travels, the two French brothers behind the brand say it is about making clothing an extension of the body – making a statement about style, individuality and elegance.

Referencing themselves as “two young gypsies,” the brothers, while raised in Paris, have lived in Johannesburg, Rome, San Diego, Beruit, Casablanca, New Delhi and Tokyo; providing the duo a backdrop of cultural and social influences for their designs. The current collection illustrates an eclectic combination of colors, patterns and fabrics for casual-chic Euro apparel.

Item Description For Photos in Order
1.) LaPanam in Lavendar (main photo)
2.) LaBoheme in White ( photo 1 below male 1 left)
3.) LaBoheme in Check ( below male 2 right)
4.) LaFoyle in Red (last photo bottom right)