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For stunning landscapes, first comes a vision. So states landscape visionary David Silver, chief executive of AAA Landscape Specialists. By working closely with clients like Steve and Marcy Hong of Fairbanks Ranch, Silver creates award-winning designs that accommodate both space and beauty that is functional and visually compelling. “Seeing that vision come to life is my favorite part,” notes Silver. “That and working with clients.”BBQ area remodel AAA landscape specialists fine magazine may 2012

How exceedingly well this is accomplished when one witnesses the recently renovated project of Hong’s property. “We spend a lot of time in the back yard, for family gatherings or just relaxing,” says Steve Hong. “So we wanted to be able to use every part of it and have it designed well.”  Indeed, when traversing the grounds, one is easily struck by the visual expanse to the ocean and beyond. Even with an expected marine layer, the intrigue of the property’s adjacent canyon beckons.

Capitalizing on this natural beauty, Silver has demonstrated rare talent in forging distinct but integrated social gathering areas, connecting them as if with invisible thread. With Three Rivers flagstone, among other elements, Silver has linked a fire pit, waterfall fountain, a barbecue dining area, a lovely arbor walkway, even an elevated area tucked discretely in the corner affectionately named “the love nest.” The pool, complete with a glistening gemstone floor and turtle tiles, rests languidly in the yard’s center serving as focal point, with the social areas horse-shoe like surrounding it. Fusing a Mediterranean influence with Southern California casualness, lovely olive trees comported in boxwood hedges flank the arbor walkway leading from one social cluster to another, before turning to the raised ‘love nest’ that is highlighted with a hanging bench swing.AAA Landscape specialists firepit patio remodel fine magazine

When entering from the drive side, one is struck by pungent roses that tantalize and saturate the senses, necessitating an intake of breath to appreciate their fragrance. Steve Hong loves what Silver has accomplished. “The yard has a warm feeling with lots of visual appeal. We can gaze off and see the hot balloons float by,” he says, evoking as much leisurely pleasure as the image implies. The front landscaping is equally compelling. “We took existing elements and incorporated new ones around them,” says Silver. The giant palm tree to one side is offset by a lovely fountain on the opposing side. Each anchor is accessed by a gravel walkway leading and encircling it in meditative fashion. Paths are also flanked with roses and path bedding is constructed with decomposed granite. In fact, the drip irrigation system is one example of water conservation efforts AAA Landscape Specialists uses whenever possible.

Silver and his team are exacting and precise in their work. “I like to surround myself with gifted people. And we want to make sure the client is satisfied,” he states. David Silver’s craftsmanship and eye for excellence has paid off. The Hong property, alone, has won several awards: 1st place Estate Landscape Renovation San Diego CLCA, 1st Place Best Landscape Renovation project state of California, Achievement award for excellence in Landscape Lighting.

Other award-winning properties include:
Kozarich Residence, Rancho Santa Fe – Landscape Beautification Award Large Landscape Renovation
Vanderpoole Residence, Carlsbad – Landscape Beautification Award for Small Residential Construction Excellence
Andrews Residence, Fallbrook – Landscape Beautification Awards for Large California-Friendly Landscape Construction & California-Friendly irrigation/WaterSmart Irrigation
Phillips Residence, La Jolla – Landscape Beautification Awards for Design & Build Construction and Water Feature

Finally, AAA Landscape Specialists demonstrate excellence in all areas of original landscape construction or renovation. Expertise includes Xeriscaping, Fire Features, Outdoor Kitchens and Barbecues, 3D Design, Concrete, Masonry, Stone work, Low Voltage Lighting, Decks and Patios.