FINE magazine May 2012

Dear Readers,
Outsiders may recognize Southern California for its summer surf and mild winters. But locals know that the best time to be in San Diego is in the spring, when cool breezes and golden flowers emerge against the sapphire backdrop of the Pacific. While the earth is celebrating its yearly rebirth, Californian’s can revel in all that is new, remembering that life in the Golden State is just that -- golden.

That is why we have set aside this issue to celebrate our home; California is truly the Golden State, an area unlike any other. And our southern riviera is at its heart, setting the trends for the luxe lifestyle. As Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Alison Lurie noted, “As one went to Europe to see the living past, so one must visit Southern California to observe the future.”

With the fast approach of Mother’s Day, we salute our moms, near and far, for their unconditional love and unfailing support. And if you are looking for some inspiration, check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide on page x, or even our Social Calendar on page x for Sunday brunch ideas.

This issue we delve into spring, revealing the latest swimwear fashions with Miss California and previewing the 30th Annual Wine Festival in Paso Robles, held May 18-20. From coastal conservancy to a Redwood retreat, we implore you to seek out California's natural wonders, and taste the flavors of her west coast appeal.

John Winfield
Publisher, FINE Media

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