Global Appeal

Model Summer Crosley bares all on her mission to encourage environmental conservation.

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Jet-setters from around the world know that from here to there, locale is everything when deciding what to pack and where to play. For model and actress Summer Crosley, her three travel essentials are sunscreen, multiple sunglasses and a camera to capture the action. Touring the world is just part of the gig for this leggy globetrotter, and these exotic locations have inspired her passionate conservation efforts that have people looking at the big blue picture.

Summer Cosley bikini 1 FINE magazine May 2013

It’s hard to imagine this incredible beauty running and hiding from a camera lens, but that’s exactly how she describes herself as a young girl. Today, this is clearly not a problem, as Crosley has earned international modeling success with GQ India, GQ South Africa, GQ Australia, FHM and Vogue Italy. This eco-conscious brunette has global appeal and with her international celebrity, she plans on making a difference.

Summer Crosley bikini 1 FINE magazine May 2013

Recently, Crosley’s growing career has taken her to South Africa, Brazil, Bali and Fiji—exotic destinations perfect for snapping pictures, enjoying culture and taking in stunning environmental beauty. And it’s this natural beauty that Crosley saw under attack as she prepared for luxurious fashion shoots and noticed these world-renowned beaches were littered with trash.

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“I started noticing that some of the most beautiful beaches had trash on them…so I decided to take action and start beach clean ups,” Crosley explained. “Our oceans need to be protected, and we’re the ones that need to take part in the solution.”

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Crosley is using her star power to boost awareness for ocean and wildlife conservation, an issue that effects San Diego personally with each passing year. More and more, celebrity figures step up and out of the spotlight to take action alongside charities and organizations that support these conservation endeavors both at home and abroad.

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“I encourage people to start their own beach cleanups amongst friends or family… even on their own, if they’re out on a beach stroll or taking the dogs for a walk,” Crosley advised. “I also encourage people to stop using plastic. Only about a third of all plastic products are recovered for reuse and recycling. Plastic is the main cause of why our oceans are in danger.”

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Crosley currently works in partnership with Sea-thos Foundation (, an ocean conservation program that helps to protect ocean biodiversity and wildlife. She also owns a company that uses seashells to make candles, donating a portion of these proceeds to the organizations she supports.

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“[My] hope is that I get the idea out there and other people will take part,” Crosley said. “There are so many areas of our world with marine or animal life that need to be protected. On a recent visit to Africa, I learned about the decrease in population of elephants, lions and several other animals due to hunting.”

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With so many organizations and charities that focus on environmental conservation, it seems that on a global scale, the best remedy is perhaps the smallest. “If everyone would just take part and pick up one piece of trash, our oceans would become much cleaner,” she added.

Crosley’s message is simple, and with the support of others at home and abroad, beauty can remain beautiful for generations to come: “I hope my journey takes me to more beautiful places, with special people, and I make long-lasting memories,” she said.