May 2017

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Vixen Boutique Photoshoot

Vixen Boutique was created by Venessa Johnson, an established writer and stylist, as well as producer of fashion shows and events.

Fashions and More at The Carlsbad Forum Event April in Bloom

FINE Magazine organized a fashion show, April in Bloom, on April 29th at Carlsbad Forum.

April in Bloom Gives Guests a Taste of the Forum Carlsbad

April in Bloom, the latest event, took place on April 29th at the Forum Carlsbad, where proceeds were donated to the La Costa Canyon High School Foundation.

Diving Deeper into Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve

Here is a comprehensive guide to the Elfin Forest in North County San Diego!

Samir Crush: Barely Getting Started

​Let’s take a step back from the wigs, makeup, high heels and tight pants (if you aren’t stuck in them) and dive into what it really means to make it as an androgynous male model in San Diego and LA.

How to Turn Your House Into a Smart Home

In this article, we’re going to take a look at a few of the devices you need if you want to turn your house into a smart home.

Desert Dreaming Fashion Photoshoot

This time of the year, sunny days are accompanied by some crisp nights, and the majestic desert provides an amazing view in Southern California. Enjoy this stunning San Diego desert-themed photoshoot.

"Once Upon a Time's" Musical Episode Review

After six seasons, fans were finally given what they have been asking for: the Once Upon a Time musical episode event has finally aired on Sunday, May 7th.

Silicon Valley Has Nothing on Austin – Check Out These Hi-Tech Employers

When it comes to technology, who would think that Austin, Texas would be home to some of the nation’s biggest corporations in technology?

Makeup Hygiene Tips

Un-hygienic makeup habits can transport nasty bacteria to our face or cause growth in the product itself, leading to breakouts and infections.

"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" Movie Review

The Guardians of the Galaxy are back and the sequel is just as fun and adventurous as the first. This ragtag bunch of fighters are led by Peter Quill, played by the brilliant Chris Pratt, who is cheery as he is roguish who calls himself Star Lord.

6 Great Things to Do in Aspen Colorado

Here are six great things to do in Aspen, Colorado and the surrounding area.