Meet the Candidates: Bob Larivee for the US Senate

Bob Larivee for US Senate

Bob Larivee

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2016 will be a year that we as citizens will be asked to elect our public officials from our Local and State races to our National and Federal levels. FINE Magazine is proud to bring you this first installment of what will be an eight part monthly series, “Meet The Candidates,” where we will introduce you to a few of the candidates that will be on your ballot come this June and November. So, without further adieu, may we present our first Candidate, Mr. Bob Larivee. California business owner Bob Larivee is running for the United States Senate seat currently held by Senator Barbara Boxer, who is retiring in 2016.

Mr. Larivee is a native Californian and resident of San Bernardino County, who will run as a common sense fiscal conservative Republican. As the owner of an award–winning design and build firm, Bob understands how the federal government’s aggressive regulatory schemes and high taxes hinder economic growth in our state. His business acumen and desire to see his fellow Californians succeed are ultimately what drove him to run as a candidate for the United States Senate. Mr. Larivee is recognized as an expert in understanding government ordinances and codes and negotiating solutions around the problems concerning them. He has appeared before at least 90 boards, committees and councils for certain approvals and he has yet to be turned down!

What Does Bob Larivee Have to Say?

“California needs a United States Senator who understands what it takes to create jobs, meet a payroll, balance a budget and live within our means,” stated Mr. Larivee. “For far too long, Washington politicians have neglected to consider the impact of much of their legislation. As a result, job creators have had a difficult time growing their business and economic expansion has been stifled. I will ensure a common sense approach that helps businesses grow and prosper.”

Rand Paul and Bob Larivee

“Washington is full of lawyers and career politicians who are more interested in furthering their own self–interest and those of special interests, as opposed to representing the best interest of their constituents,” continued Mr. Larivee. “That is why we have record debt and deficits, why health insurance is in a crisis, and why the needs of Veterans are overlooked. It’s no wonder why Californians are fed up with politics–as–usual mirroring the rest of the nation.”

“Adding insult to injury,” says Mr. Larivee, “the first inclination of Washington insiders is to raise taxes on those who are creating jobs and forcing them to either import cheap labor or send jobs outside the U.S.  Not only am I opposed to imposing new taxes on Californians, but I will work to give our state a tax cut that will keep earnings in control of their earners. Like many in the Golden State, I am frustrated with the lack of action on getting our spending under control. 

If businesses and Americans could spend like Washington they would end up bankrupt!”

Bob Larviee has taken a stance on many of the pressing issues facing us as a nation, such as: The National Debt, Job Creation, Taxes, Agriculture, Water, Boarder Security, National Defense and Veteran’s Affairs. You can read what his views are regarding these topics on the “Issues” page on his campaign website.   

Bob Larivee for US Senate

“Voters want change. They want a common sense citizen government, not that of career politicians and political insiders,” concluded Bob Larivee. “The system is broken. My real–world approach to solving problems ensures that frustrated Californians will have their voices heard and acted upon when I am in the United States Senate.”

Bob Larivee is the CEO of Award Winning Design and an Award Winning Build Firm, an entity that has created jobs, met strict budgets and helped many create their own small businesses. He has over 35 years of experience domestically and internationally working with various levels of government, holding them accountable to following the laws, codes and regulations they enforce on his clients.