Mexico the Country Amigo!


A Traveler’s Paradise of Culture, History, and Fun!


Mexico is definitely the Country  “ Amigo “ ( friend ), they are so hospitable humble, friendly and generous people.  Mexico is a traveler’s paradise, featuring a multitude of opposing identities, including desert landscapes, snow-capped volcanoes, ancient ruins, steaming jungles, cactus-strewn deserts, teeming industrialized cities, time-wrapped colonial towns, glitzy Resorts, and 10,000 of the coast with sandy beaches and wildlife-rich lagoons, and flora and fauna.

Mexico is one of the most beautiful Countries not only in America but in the world. Mainly its towns and cities like Guadalajara, Guanajuato, and Morelia are very attractive, having to offer you nice and beautiful parks with plants and flowers and Folkloric music dance.

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The second biggest City of the Country, Monterrey, N.L. has to offer you an exquisite wonderful, delicious dishes of the traditional Mexican food, where is born the classic Internationally well known “fajitas”; that is original name is “Arrachera” that is Beefsteak cut in slices, placed in a warm “tortilla” with a variety of “dips”, can be guacamole  (avocado), refried Mexican beans, shredded cheese, onion and tomato and the amazing salsa (hot sauce) “pico de gallo”.

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The mix of modern and traditional, the cliché and the surreal, is the key to Mexico’s charming, real people.

Come to love the exquisite, delicious and wonderful super tasty spicy food.

Mexico Pre- Hispanic civilization built some of the world’s great archaeological monuments, including Teotihuacan towers pyramid in Mexico City,its Capital, a crowded city with more than 200,000 000 people today.  Another exquisite Maya Temple of Palenque in Yucatan.

Many of the most visited tourist attractions in Mexico City are: “The Plaza de la Constitucion or Zocalo”, “The National Palace”, “Metropolitan Cathedral Templo Mayor “, “ Palace of Fine Arts” and “Alameda Park”. “Plaza Garibaldi, is a nice place for mariachis to hear live- music. Also Chapultepec Park, the largest in Mexico City,and without forgetting the Sacred Holly Basilique of Maria de Guadalupe, a Holly Temple of Nationalists Fervor.

You will also want to explore the neighborhoods of Zona Rosa, Roma, Condesa and San Angel, home to lovely parks – plazas, shops, markets, and cafes.

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Gorgeous beaches just one enticing feature of Mexico Yucatan Peninsula. When you have had your fill of sun and sand, the region’s cultural Capital Merida has your back, with its ample offering of museums, live music, nearby Maya ruins, and some darn fine regional Cuisine.



Ease in your first day into the “White City” (called so for its white buildings), with some tasty eat at Merida premier breakfast spots.  Take your time over the immensely popular “castacantorta” (fried pork belly sandwich) or try one of the savory vegetarian options, such as, “tacos” filed with “huevos and static” (egg, tree –spinach and native chili pepper).

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Head North of town to the “Gran Museo del Mundo Maya” – a world-class museum, who has an impressive collection of remarkably well - preserved artifacts, including an iconic Chac-Mool, sculpture from Chichen Itza. When leaving the museum to take the afternoon late “siesta” (nap) time, in the warm wheatear of Merida, make it all easy to plop into a hammock and blissful snooze.  Or go to the open street-markets who offers hundreds of thousands of Mex-folk-art, beautiful handicrafts in silver, wood, ceramic, wool, cotton, etc.

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Come nighttime, hit downtown for dinner and drinks. For wonderful delicious Yucatecan fare dishes. The famous regional dish “recado negro” (black turkey stew) or “sopa de lima” (lime soup). All the Restaurants in Merida occupies a lovely “hacienda” – style Colonial building.


Now that you have got to the gripes with Maya History, head out to Chichen –Itza, the best rest of the Yucatan archaeological site. Many mysteries of the Maya Astronomical Calendar become clear, when one understands the design behind the “time-temple” here, especially the iconic “El Castillo Pyramid”.

The Pyramid four stairway shave 91 steps each; add the top platform and the total comes 365, the number of days in a year.  To truly appreciate Chichen-Itza, make it a priority there early, ideally before 8 a.m., before the crowds come.

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Before or after hitting the ruins you can grab a quick bite at a strip of eateries, on the west end of town, where the whip up cheap and delish Yucatecan “antojitos”  (snacks), such as papadAzules (corn-tortilla filled with diced boiled egg and bothered in tomato pumpkin seed-sauce). That’s a delicious breakfast to start your tour’s day.


Once back in Merida, tuck into a late lunch at any of the many Family’s Restaurants that puts a contemporary twist on Yucatecan Cuisine. “The tortilla tropical”(fried plantains topped with smoked pork) are delicious, and your sweet tooth will love the “manjar Blanco” ( a coconut cream dessert).    
In “Plaza Grande”, there are late afternoon folkloric dance and music performances.  Dramatic Murals and more Fine Architecture in the “ Palacio de Gobierno” and an excellent collection of local art-work at the “ Museo de ArteContemporaneo”.

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When the sun goes down and the heat subsides, take a walking tour, North of downtown, along Paseo de Montejo, a wide main Avenue, known for its elegant 19th Centuries Mansions.  Today is used mostly with sidewalks, restaurants, banks, and bars.

The Beaches in Mexico, such as Can Cun, Cozumel, Isla de Mujeres, Ixtapa, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco,Tulum,Playa del Carmen, Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, Ensenada,, etc… are famous in the world for their Sandy beaches where you can go fishing, diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming with whales, sharks and turtles in the Riffs.  With majestic Hotels – Resorts with gymnasium, SPA, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, Various Restaurants – Bars, Yoga Classes, Golf, and more.

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To visit Mexico is a wonderful experience that you will never forget!

Come to the Country Amigo, Come to Mexico!