Mistakes To Avoid in Piano Removal

It is wonderful that you love music and that you are fortunate enough to have a gorgeous piano that puts forth delightful melodies when you play it. Though you are a talented musician when it comes to playing entertaining tunes on your piano, this does not mean that you have the skill and expertise to move this massive instrument. It can rather prove to be an outright struggle for the non-pro when it comes to moving a piano. As a result, you can damage the piano.

Some people make tragic mistakes when it comes to moving their piano. We share those scenarios here to help you avoid making the same mistakes. Note that it is always recommended to use a professional piano removalist service.

1. Usage of the wrong equipment

Sometimes people, unfortunately, attempt to move their piano by themselves. But they often do not have the required equipment to ensure the safe transportation of the piano. Professional piano removalists have all the required equipment at their immediate disposal, which includes the right kind of dollies, strong security straps, and mounds of protective padding. These things all work together to aid in the successful and safe transportation of your piano.

2. Not lifting correctly

Some people are tempted to lift their piano at the base. However, raising it up by grasping the legs of the piano will lead to great problems. Take into consideration the legs of the piano are quite fragile. They are, in fact, relatively easy to break during the lifting and moving process. The piano would thus likely smash and be damaged. Further, those who lift the piano in such a manner could likely injure themselves.


3. Failing to provide protection for the lid

Before transporting your piano begins, it is of the utmost importance to secure the lid. But some people forget to do this. The end result of failing to secure the lid beforehand is that the lid could shift and cause disruption to the balance of the piano. Some pianos are conveniently equipped with lid locks. This makes it rather simple to ensure the security of the lid during transit. Further, note that it is a good idea to adequately pad and wrap the lid as a prevention against damage during transportation.

4. Not considering size

Some people forget to consider the size of the doorway, which makes it impossible to get the piano into the new location. Thus, it is always wise to know the measurements of doorways and hallways to ensure that the piano will pass through the openings. Also, be sure that all paths are free of clutter to make for easy removal and delivery.

5. Refusing to call the professionals

Sometimes people think they will save money if they remove the piano themselves. But they can damage the piano or they can harm themselves, which can result in a lot of money to fix the piano or to pay medical bills. It is always best to hire the professionals, as you will have the peace of mind that your piano will be handled with care by experts and will remain in good condition.

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