Mixbook_ An Easy-To-Use and Convenient Photo Book Site with Customizable Holiday Photo Card Templates

Holiday gifts and seasonal greetings make holiday celebrations unforgettable. We all desire to remember our loved ones and be able to send them gifts that keeps on impressing from holiday to holiday. However, finding a photo book company that can help you turn your treasured photos and unique holiday ideas into art can be challenging. Mixbook has the best holiday photo card templates you can customize to make a beautiful photo card for your family and friends. You can choose one design from a wide range of inbuilt themes and designs and personalize a photo card that depicts your relationship with the receiver. You can get the eye-catching and luxurious photo cards to accompany your gifts as you commemorate different holidays. The following benefits below will come when you choose to customize Mixbook's holiday photo card templates to create your holiday photo card.

Ease of use

Mixbook works towards designing a user-friendly photo editor to accommodate all of its users. Their scrapbooking software is easy to navigate and explore the various holiday photo card templates. The company provides a starter package with the basic guidelines to accommodate editing amateurs and those who are computer illiterate. Once you follow their step by step guideline, you can easily transform their holiday photo card templates into a memorable holiday template you can share with your family and friends.


Everyone wants a convenient photo site that will allow them to explore holiday photo card templates and be able to tailor them into a personalized experience at their convenience. Mixbook provides convenience by having a mobile app that is compatible with many phones. You can create a free Mixbook account and be able to upload photos from your desktop, Mac Book, or mobile phone. Such personal photos allow you to add a personal touch to your holiday photo cards. You can also link your Mixbook user account to platforms such as a Google account Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, Instagram, and SmugMug to access photos to perfect and personalize your photo card into something the receiver will love. You can store your photos, photo books, and projects with Mixbook for as long as you desire.

Mixbook's Holiday Photo Card Templates Are 100% Customizable

With Mixbook, you get elegant ready-made layouts of holiday photo card templates that can be tailored to suit different events. You get endless possibilities of creating a personalized card with the holiday photo card templates. The photo editor allows you to change elements such as the background themes, objects, colors, and text into a holiday photo card that reflects the interests of the recipient. You can always pick a template from the hundreds of inbuilt themes or change the text into a perfect seasonal greeting.

Get the Most Reliable and Professional Customer Care

Mixbook has competent professionals specialized in different sections. Within the live chat, you will get a timely response from the editing team regarding how to customize holiday photo card templates. You can also communicate with the volume team whenever you need advice on multiple ordering, multiple editing, and bulk printing and shipping. The volume team will advise you appropriately on matters such as shipping time and discounts allowed. Mixbook's committed team of employees will guide you step by step as you explore the many holiday photo card templates and help you design a photo card that elicits the recipient's emotions.