Mobile Game Inspired Decoration Tips For Your Bedroom

Everyone has a favorite game they enjoy playing on their mobile phone. People spend countless hours on their phones trying to win levels in their favorite games, gain characters or win new prizes. If you do have a special game on your mobile phone that you cannot seem to stop playing, then you can get inspiration from that game to change up the look of your room to have that game present even when you are not on your phone. Whether you want simple decorations to fill up empty space or you want a full room makeover, we’ll help you have your room looking like your favorite game in no time.

  1. Color Scheme

You can get a lot of inspiration for your room’s interior design if you look at a game’s color scheme. You will find that games here have color schemes that are cohesive. This is because app developers make sure that the colors they are using when making a game will go together and make the player’s experience while playing that much better. A lot of thought goes into the process of a game’s color scheme so why not take advantage of that when trying to decorate your room. This can be used as inspiration for painting your room certain colors or buying furniture to fit the feel of the mobile phone game.

2. Logos

All mobile games have special logos that act as the icon to press on when you want to play the game. You can always use these icons as inspiration for art to decorate your room with. Not all, games might have logos if they are blocked but you can find more unblocked games here. Once you’re able to unblock the games, all the content should be available and it will make it that much easier for you to get the logos that you love! Games that have insignias, for example fighting games, can also be used to find decorations for your room. You can look for artists to draw these insignias on the walls of your room for you, or you can buy posters with these logos on them if you want the decorations to be easier to remove in the future. This decision will depend on if you are the type of person to change favorite games quickly or are extremely loyal to the game and would not get bored with it.

3. Characters

Some mobile games give the players the opportunity to create their own character when they play while other games have certain main characters that the player has to play as in the game. Whether you have a special avatar or you are using one of the preprogrammed characters in a game, you can use that to help you find great ways to decorate your room even more. If you have a character you, especially enjoy playing as, you can design a poster to hang on your wall or you can even get a replica made to put in a corner of the room. You can also use character colors, or crests to further decorate your room.

4. Paintings

As mentioned before you can use the colors or crests to decorate your room, but you can also get paintings of the game’s landscapes, characters, or even get abstract paintings with the game’s colors to hang on your room’s walls. This is great if you want to add a touch of the game to your room without overwhelming the place with the game itself. You can also write certain quotes from the game on canvas and hang it on the wall to remind yourself of certain character sayings.

5. Bed covers

One of the easiest ways to decorate your room based on a favorite mobile game is finding bed covers with pictures or drawings related to the game. If you feel that you do not want to have covered with the game’s characters on them or other paintings you can always just use basic colors that will accentuate the rest of the game based decorations without being overwhelming. You can find these covers or even bedding sets all over the internet very easily and without costing that high of a price.

6. Knick-knacks

Game action figures or other small decorations that are related to the game you enjoy playing the most will add what you want to the decoration of the room without being over the top. You can use knick knacks to shelve what you have hanging on your walls, on your desk or on your bedside table, they will look great in an understated way. If you do go for painting your walls using the colors most prominent in your favorite game this will be a great addition to make your room look even better.

7. Stickers

Stickers are one of the easiest decorations you can find. You can buy wall stickers of game-related objects, or you can even get stickers to decorate our own personal items like a corkboard or your desk. They are also great if you want to show your love for the game without being overwhelming about it. Stickers are also temporary, so if you ever get bored or found a better mobile phone game to play, you will easily be able to take the stickers off and put new ones.

8. Calendar

Having a desk or wall calendar with your favorite game’s themes as a background or as a picture for each month would show your love for the game as well as be useful and fun to look at. You can also use planner stickers that are based on the game to mark important events and appointments in your calendar. A calendar would be great because it will organize your time and you will get to have twelve pictures from the game to hang on the wall or even use in DIY projects after you use the calendar.

9. Office supplies

Speaking of calendars, you can always decorate office supplies you use at your desk to portray things from the game. For example, you can use insignias or logos to decorate your computer, notebooks and other organizers on your desk. You can paint, pencils or pens to be the colors mainly used in your favorite game, or you can write phrases used in the game to decorate your desk. If you want to, you can make book covers or even add a picture of your favorite character in a frame on your desk.

Easily decorate your bedroom

You can get a lot of inspiration from mobile phone games to get a great looking bedroom that is unique as well as functional. You can express your love for the game by buying or better yet DIYing your very own decorations that will make your room look like it was part of the game itself. You will not have to look hard to find ways to easily decorate your room and still make it look amazing.