Modern Ways To Protect Your Property


Whether it's your home or business property, giving it the most effective protection possible is always a primary concern. Modern criminals are using ever more sophisticated means to gain access to buildings and relieve them of their contents, but thankfully, technology is helping in the fight against crime. Standard locks and old-fashioned burglar alarms are no longer enough on their own, so take a look at these modern ways to protect your property and its contents.

Driveway Alarms

The best way to prevent theft from your premises is to stop criminals getting near to your property, never mind within it, and this is why driveway alarms should be your first line of defense. The best driveway alarm can be wirelessly operated and are able to extend over a large area so that when a vehicle enters this space you or a designated individual will be instantly aware of it and be able to take appropriate action. Driveway alarms are available to suit all budgets and can be tailored for either domestic or business purposes. They can also be connected to portable receivers so that wherever you are, you'll know when somebody has driven onto your property. In combination with other security solutions, this can be a highly effective way to prevent unauthorized access.

IP Security Cameras

The internet has transformed how we live from top to bottom, and it's proving an invaluable aid to security as well as changing the ways we work, shop, and communicate. The most obvious impact that the internet is having upon security is in the growing use of IP security cameras. These offer a significant advantage over traditional security and surveillance cameras, in that their images can be accessed by the property owners at any time of night or day, wherever in the world they may be. Being able to view pictures from your security cameras via your laptop or smartphone provides great peace of mind, and many systems allow you to then take further action, such as manually activating alarms with the push of a button. With so much functionality, it's little wonder that the IP security camera market is expected to be worth over a billion dollars by 2022.

Fogging Devices

If an intruder has successfully entered your premises, it's important that their chances of successfully stealing items and escaping with them are quickly limited. Every second counts, and whilst traditional burglar alarms may alert others to a problem, they're less likely to deter serious thieves. One highly effective solution for business premises is to install a security fog device. These devices release a thick fog once triggered, disorienting people in the vicinity, greatly reducing visibility, and making it almost impossible for a thief to commit their crime. The fog used in these devices is harmless to humans, and once cleared it leaves no residue, so it won't damage sensitive items or electrical equipment. Security fogging systems should ideally be placed in potential entry points of your business, and in particularly valuable areas such as treasuries.

Security Wristbands

Security fogging devices, whilst primarily designed for business premises, could also be utilized for a domestic property, but security wristbands are purely for the corporate world. These bands are tailored to each individual member of staff and their responsibilities and can be used to operate doors as well so that employees are only able to access parts of the building that are relevant to their work. This can be a great tool in the fight against industrial espionage, as well as helping human resources departments see exactly when staff arrive and exit their place of work. Retail giant Amazon is also introducing wristbands that track the hand movements of its factory workers, and whilst this is being done to make their staff work more effectively and efficiently, it also has obvious security implications as well.

High Tech Door Chimes

Door chimes have been around for a long time now, but modern technology is transforming how they look, sound, and operate, and making them much more effective as a crime deterrent. In a domestic sense, they can prove highly useful for parents of young children, as by placing them on French doors or on the doors to medicine cabinets, for example, you'll be able to hear instantly when a child has opened something that they shouldn't be touching. From a business perspective, they can be attached to doors and windows around the premises, and sensitive motion sensors can then be used to activate alarms or initiate strobing systems. Once an intruder finds themselves within a strobed zone, it will be much more difficult for them to exit the property before law enforcement officers arrive.

Smart Phone Doorbells

We never go anywhere without a smartphone close to hand, which is why the invention of the smartphone doorbell system is such an effective way to fight crime. There are a number of apps which, with the requisite hardware in place, connect the doorbell of your property to your mobile phone. Using the app, you can see instantly who is pressing your doorbell, and many systems allow you to communicate directly with the person at the door, to then allow them access to your property, or alternatively, to activate an alarm system. Similarly, technology is also being applied to peepholes found above the lock on some doors, so that you can see who is standing in front of your door via the screen of your phone or tablet device.

Doorbells connected to mobile phones, door chimes that activate strobes or fogging security devices, IP surveillance cameras and driveway alarms all make it much harder for a would-be thief to enter your property without you knowing. This not only makes them ideal for crime prevention purposes, they can also provide the peace of mind that you get from knowing that your home or business is protected right around the clock. With technology still advancing at a furious pace, it's likely that even newer security devices will soon be on the market, which will further turn the tide against thieves and vandals.