Modern fashion options that didn't exist a few years ago


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Fashion is an ever changing field of art. It does not only change every year, it changes every season, month or even week. If we look back at another time, we’d find that a lot has changed in the fashion industry in the past few years. These changes have taken fashion to a whole new level while giving people the ability to be more open to the universe of fashion as well as provide them with a number of options that did not exist before. These changes have also created the perfect environment for designers to convey their art to their consumers the way the want to. Here are some options that are new to the fashion industry

  1. Fast pace trends

In the past years trends have become more liable to change quickly than before. This is because of the number of inspirations, and trend setters that make and break trends every couple of days. Individuality as well as modernism have affected the fashion industry in the last few years more than it has done throughout the past. There are some trend however that have shown up in the last years that are here to stay for a bit more.

  1. Bright colored suits

Bright colors have been the staple of some choice designers over the years, especially during the spring pieced together with other muted colors to create fashionable outfits. Mixing and matching colors make for a uniquely put together look that follows this trend.

  1. Throwback

The fashion world has witnessed a series of throwback trends to past times. Waist bags, oversized denim as well as chokers have all come back full force in the past years. These old school staples are incorporated with today’s fashion to make a seamless look that gives the best balance of old and new. Although these throwbacks have only spread in the past few years, they have become worldwide trends.

  1. Boho-chic

This trend has risen in rank over the past years because of how fashionable yet comfortable it is. Oversized clothing that has bright patterns and colors as well as feathery accessories that complete any boho inspired look is a trend that will be here for a while. It reflects many of today’s styles and attitudes and has slowly become a large part of the industry over the past few years

  1. Straight to the customers

One of the most prominent fashion options to be found nowadays is how much the fashion industry has become more accessible to many types of consumers. Not only that, but there are many brands that have partially if not completely cut out the middleman to become directly connected with its customers. This makes the brands able to adapt and flow into what their customers are looking for and maintaining their brand’s name and integrity without any kind of interference from third parties. Some brands that are direct to consumers are:

  1. Vincero

Vincero is a relatively new watch designing company. It was founded by three people who did not appreciate cheaply-made watches that although were quite affordable when purchased, did not last for any time which made it even more pricey than just investing in a high quality watch. The brand was founded about eight years ago and has been quite successful due to the fact the Vincero sells watches directly to consumers. They do not use any form of middlemen or retailer to ensure that their customers are getting the best treatment possible.

  1. Dôen

Like Vincero, Dôen caters directly to consumers. This brand provided its consumers with a range of California inspired style pieces that range from dresses, jumpsuits, blouses and more. The brand is an online boutique that can be perused worldwide to get the latest fashion there is with the added factor of knowing exactly who you are buying from and what they stand for. This brand is known for their women-empowerment stance as they hire mainly women in their factories so that they can get the support they need.

  1. Cuyana

Cuyana is an American based brand that not only sells clothing as well as well-made bags that are fashionable. They also allow their customers to help victims of abuse by urging them to donate clothes that is no longer of use. In return the brand offers extra credit to use on the customer’s next purchase. This brand offers its customers high quality bags made out of the finest materials to look wonderful with many styles. The bags are timeless and are not going out of style even after trends change.

  1. Technological options

The advancements in technology over the past years has made the fashion industry bloom further. Within minutes if not seconds new feats in fashion are spread all over the world. This has also affected how people can actually affect fashion with their social media posts, blogs and reviews that are out there on the internet.

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  1. Online shopping

If you have not had one at least one shopping spree online, then you are missing out. Having the internet made people able to not only look at the latest fashions but also be able to purchase it from online stores within a couple of clicks. Online shopping has become very popular because of its comfort and accessibility.

  1. Styling apps

Another major game changer created by technology is having applications that do the styling for you. You can use these apps to match outfits, look for new items for your wardrobe or simply create your own vision board with all the new and upcoming fashion trends to inspire your newest look.

  1. Total awareness

Brands have become more transparent in the last few years. They give partial if not total insight to their customers on their production process. This has made it easier for consumers to support fashion brands that are environmentally friendly as well as humane.

A great looking future

Fashion is developing continuously both for designers and brand as well as for consumers. This makes it easy to predict that even more fashion options will be available to people in the upcoming years. People want brands that they trust. They want brands that will be there for them if they are in need of customer service and they want brands that support great causes. A number of brands take that into consideration already but there is still room for improvement