Motorcycle Battery Install Guide

For the most part, it’s easy to install a new motorcycle battery on your bike. It’s recommended to get a service manual for your bike to make sure that you understand the procedure for your bike. If the battery is hidden, the manual will tell you how to effectively access the battery without taking apart your bike.


Choosing a Battery


You’ll need to know the cold cranking amps (CCA) of your bike and the size of your current battery to select a new one. Make sure you have the right battery for your bike before installation. When buying OEM motorcycle parts, search for a battery that fits your bike’s make and model. Have the new battery ready for installation by reading the directions.   


Disconnect the Negative Cable First


The first step is to find the battery and take out the old one. Don’t remove the battery while the engine is running. The negative cable is usually black and is attached to the terminal that has a minus sign (-). By disconnecting the negative terminal first, you reduce the risk of shock and/or a fire. It’s a good idea to tape the cable out of the way to prevent contact with the battery before you’re ready. Once the negative cable is detached, remove the positive cable.


Remove the Old Battery


Follow the manufacturer’s directions for removing your battery. There may be hold-downs that you have to remove. Pull the battery out carefully. Some batteries have lead nuts that keep the cables in place. Those nuts can fall out and get lost.


Hook Up the New Battery


The order of installing the cables is important. The positive one gets installed first, then the negative cable. Double check that you have the right cable installed to the correct terminal. Reattach any hold-downs. Before you put your bike together, test to make sure you’ve got power. Turn the key on and see if you have lights. If you do, tighten everything up. Reinstall what you removed to gain access to the battery.


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