Moving to the Gold Coast?

Are you moving to the Gold Coast? Are you Looking to settle near the pristine beaches? If yes, you have to keep in mind that the Gold Coast is much more than just a Surfer’s Paradise. There is more to the Gold Coast than just the domestic parties. Over the years, it has become a tourist magnet. Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit Gold Coast in order to explore not just the nightlife, but plenty of other facets of the Gold Coast.

We will today share with you top 10 tips to explore Gold Coast in its entirety. These are often places which the locals and the tourists, frequent alike.

1. Jellurgal Cultural Centre

If you want to explore the culture and history of the aboriginal tribes of the region, this is the best place to visit. It is completely free to enter. You can purchase the local souvenirs and also merchandise offered by the local artists. There is a walkabout tour which will cost you around €11. The cultural center highlights the life and history of the Yugambeh tribe. There is also the option to take a 90 minute guided tour. The guided tour will set you back by € 22 approximately.

The dancers who had performed the tribal trance in the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games belonged to the same cultural center. Thus, if you want to explore the rich history and culture of the aboriginal tribes of Australia, this is the place which you should definitely visit.

Cost: free to enter


2. Gold Coast Food and Wine Tour

The best way to mingle with the locals is to experiment with the local cuisine. With the help of Gold Coast food and wine tour, you will be able to easily explore the city and the best restaurants that it has to offer. The experience is not just limited to gourmet dining.


There are quite a few food outlets included like:
• Japanese restaurants
• Cuban food trucks
• Local food trucks
• Wine tasting experiences


The tour is spread across the entire city which ensures that you will be able to explore the length and breadth of Gold Coast at the same time. Once you complete this tour, not only you will know the favorite hotspots of the locals but also you can better understand what the city has to offer in terms of delicacies. Thus, it is a must have experience.


Cost: AU$ 129 per person


3. Tallebudgera Creek

Gold Coast is spread across 57 km. Rather than just exploring the most popular beaches, it is a good idea to head over to some of the lesser-known ones. This will ensure that you are able to explore the natural coast that hasn't been commercialized. One of the best spots that you can visit is the Tallebudgera Creek area. You will not only get pristine beaches but also great waves for surfing. Additionally, there are quite a few bars, restaurants, and cafes just beside the beach.


This ensures that you will be able to experience delicacies from all over the world when you visit this creek.


Some of the restaurants which you should try out are:
• Rick Shores
• Fish house


You can easily spend a day around the pristine beaches of the creek.


Cost: free


4. Miami Marketta

Gold coast has its own Miami. Miami Marketta is the perfect place to visit if you want to buy local souvenirs. Also, over the years it has also become a venue for weekly food fiesta. You can easily sample cuisine options from all over the world when you head over to this market. While there are quite a few bars but Reid Street Kitchen is the one which you should definitely try.
In addition to that, it has plenty of art warehouses. Thus, if you want to explore the local art and culture, it is the best place to visit. It also has a venue for meetings and concerts which has a capacity of 1300. There are plenty of restaurants with open sitting area during the evening and night times.


Miami Marketta is also a good place to find decorations for your home when you move in. Many times, your new home might not be the perfect place to hang that old painting. Once you get all your stuff with the help of Gold Coast Removalists, it is time to check what can be used in your new home and what cannot.


In order to replace the older frames and artwork, you can head over to Miami Marketta. You will find plenty of contemporary art options in this market. The market is very versatile when it comes to art and sculpture which makes it a must visit.


Cost: free


5. The Paddock Bakery

This humble Australian bakery in the Gold Coast has become famous all over the country. It is located in a restored property that just adds to the charm. Moreover, the croissants and the other bread offered by this bakery are very tempting. The shady outdoor sitting is the perfect option to try out some freshly baked bread. It has some great appetizers and snacks like burgers. Thus, when you're in Gold Coast, do visit this bakery.


Cost: Approx. AU$ 30 for 2 (Including Appetizers)



6. Springbrook National Park

As Gold Coast has become more popular, it has become more populated. That is why; life in Gold Coast can be pretty hectic. One of the best ways to rejuvenate is to head over to the Springbrook National Park. It is a small part of the UNESCO listed Gondwana Rainforests. It is certainly the most scenic part of the rainforests.


In case, you want to opt for the trek, you have a couple of options like:
• The Twin Falls circuit which stretches 4 km.
• Natural bridge circuit which stretches just 1 km.


It is just an hours’ drive away from Broadbeach. You should definitely head over to this park in order to explore the natural beauty of the Gold Coast in its entirety.


Cost: free


7. Balter Brewing Company

A visit to the Gold Coast is not complete without tasting the local beer. The brewery which we mentioned above is one of the best options to do so. It has won over 10 different prizes in 2017 by Australian international beer awards. Even though Balter Beers are available all over Australia, pints, taste better locally and when they are fresh.
The brewery has a bar, which can get crowded during the weekends. There are food trucks and live music around. Thus, you can easily visit the brewery along with your family during the weekends.


Cost: AU$ 7 for a three-quarters pint


8. Justin Lane

When in the Gold Coast, there are so many food and restaurant options available that you will never run out of choices. In fact, you can explore some of the most popular restaurant and food options right away after you move to the Gold Coast. One of the establishments which you should definitely visit is Justin Lane. This establishment has something for each and every one.


It has different eating options under one roof like:
• Pizzeria
• Pasta Joint
• Rooftop bar (3 different bars in the property)


Thus, you can easily explore the type of food which you want along with the drinks which you prefer. That is why; it has become so popular in such a short period of time. It is a must visit once you move to the Gold Coast.


Cost: AU $ 75 for 2 people (including drinks and appetizers)


9. La Costa Motel

In case, your property is not ready, and you're looking for affordable accommodation, this is the motel which you should definitely visit. It is located in a recently renovated 1950's property. It is near the New South Wales border. If you are looking for a smaller and more personalized accommodation option, you should definitely visit this motel rather than the big hotels in Gold Coast.


Some of the reasons why it is so attractive include:
• Free airport transfers
• Free breakfast
• Bike rentals available


Cost: AU$ 126 for doubles



10. The Island Gold Coast

If you want to enjoy the best of what Surfers Paradise beach has to offer like great surfing waves and a great party scene, this is the place which you should head over to. It has been recently renovated and has 98 guestrooms. It has a large pool along with the rooftop bar and the Italian bistro. It is located on the Surfers Paradise Beach which ensures that you are able to access the beach without any problem at all. If you want to experience the most happening parties on Surfers Paradise Beach, this is the place which you should definitely visit.


Cost: AU$ 179 for doubles


So, if you plan to move to the Gold Coast, rather than visiting the spots frequented by tourists, it is a much better idea to first visit these 10 attractions which we have mentioned above. These will not only help you explore Gold Coast better but it will also allow you to mingle with the locals, which will make your stay easier in the Gold Coast.