Much Ado About Music!

Celebrate the San Diego Symphony with ‘Much Ado About Music: Shakespeare and the Symphony'

Image by San Diego Symphony

Playwright William Shakespeare’s brilliance has been commemorated in an infinite amount of artistic reimaginings throughout the ages. He is a classic staple of the modern arts, and it is likely he will remain in this position for a very long time. On Sunday, April 17th, the San Diego Symphony will be performing an homage to the great Shakespeare by hosting the “Much Ado About Music: Shakespeare and the Symphony” concert to showcase the symphony as well as local junior high and high school students’ talent. 

Because Shakespeare’s talent shone through his plays - making his name a household one - it's a good thing that the San Diego Symphony will be performing pieces inspired by many of his plays. In partnership with The San Diego Shakespeare Society, the concert will cover an assortment of the playwright’s best work. In fact, famous musical geniuses that were inspired by Shakespeare’s mind will be showcased, such as Tchaikovsky and Mendelssohn.

A unique addition to the usual ingenuity of the symphony’s talent, junior high and high school students will also make an appearance in the program. These talented minors are at the top of their musical discipline for San Diego! These students will perform in the final two pieces: a section of Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet, and an excerpt of Mendelssohn's A Midsummer Night's Dream. These students will accompany the symphony’s other musicians to create a beautiful collaboration. 

Conductor of the concert, Sameer Patel, has grown to be a successful and youthful conductor in the nation, receiving numerous awards and recognition for his talent. As well as traveling globally to conduct various orchestras, Patel has worked with youth orchestras internationally for the cause of music education.

The performance is scheduled to take place in the grand Copley Symphony Hall of the San Diego SymphonyThe concert begins at 2pm on Sunday, with earlier activities for children beginning at 1pm. Novice music classes and “A Courtly Noyse” Renaissance Era musicians will provide a fun performance for kids before show time.

The concert is a fantastic way to introduce children to the wonderful world of the symphony and Shakespeare all at once! Immersing children into the fine arts at a young age not only expands their horizons, but aids in their development in the future.

So if you enjoy the brilliance of William Shakespeare’s work and the symphony’s usual excellence, come out on April 17th to witness Much Ado About Music: Shakespeare and the Symphony”. 

Tickets can be purchased online along with access to information regarding the performance at San Diego Symphony.