Must-Have Accessories that Every New Age Corporate Executive and Entrepreneur Should Own


Corporate executives and entrepreneurs have always had a large following and people looking up to them for some reason. Fashion houses and high-end designers feed on them since these executives serve as their prestigious clientele. They are the only privileged members of the larger society who can sneak in and blend into the elitist circles because of their corporate standing.

Thanks to the new age of electronic and social media, many of these corporate executives and entrepreneurs have emerged as celebrities that people actively follow. They are not merely observed from the educational perspective, but young adults actively pursue them as a fashion trendsetter. Many budding business students aspire to carry themselves in the same manner as their favorite corporate celebs. Interestingly, corporate fashion goes much beyond suits and dinner jackets. Fancy gadgets and tech-oriented accessories drive the latest trend race in the corporate circuit. If you are an aspiring corporate executive or a budding entrepreneur, here are some of the accessories that you must own.


Smartphone and Laptops

You must be wondering how a smartphone is classified as a trendy accessory and not a utility or a necessity. Interestingly, despite being the backbone of the new age business functions, these sophisticated gadgets are more of a trendy accessory. A sleek laptop carried in a classy leather laptop bag, or a sleeve makes a long-lasting impression. The way and kind of smartphones you carry and the degree to which you rely on technological tools and applications create a considerable mark on the young adults.

It is essential that your smartphones are compliant with your laptop to facilitate smoother data sharing and transfer. Ideally, invest in an iPhone and a MacBook. If you are considering an Android, a Samsung Note would be the best choice paired with an Acer Chromebook.


Power Banks

Technology massively drives corporate fashion accessories.  One of the most necessary gadgets are the power banks. It would look awkward for a corporate executive to run around clueless looking for a phone charger because his phone battery drained and he needs to make an urgent call. Power banks are a total must have so that your gadgets get the necessary fueling while you are on the move.


Leather Accessories

Other than the gadgets, there are some other vintage carry-ons that people do follow and are judged on the fashion radar. This is also one of the prime reasons why fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton have ventured into the corporate fashion segment. A classy leather wallet, leather laptop sleeve, a smartphone case and a cardholder are a corporate must have when it comes to accessories. For a stronger impression, personalize the leather haul with your initials embossed in your accessories.



Time is by far the most critical asset of any corporate entity and observations are one of the most timeless pieces of accessory. A watch creates an impression of one's persona and is an epitome of luxury and class. However, speaking of the modern era, the new age young executives are more inclined towards a casual Mark Zuckerberg style than a more vintage Bill Gates. Therefore, it is okay if the Rolex can take a side for a while and invest in more contemporary looking Hublot Watches for a blend of style and class.