NOMINATE: Who are Your Favorite San Diego Wedding Suppliers?

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San Diego Wedding Merchants

For 2016, we are asking you, our lovely readers, to tell us your favorite San Diego joints: the best home designers, the best golf courses, and the best pizzerias! This week, we want to hear all about your favorite Wedding Merchants!

Whether it be a caterer, wedding planner, dressmaker, tuxedo company, florist, or even ring maker, we want to hear all about the wonderful local San Diegans who helped turn your wedding into a dream come true. Nominate the wedding companies who gave you the fairytale wedding of a lifetime! Are you in love with more than one aspect of your dream wedding? No fear! You can submit this ballot more than once!

Already nominated your favorite wedding companies? Keep sharing your opinions and nominate your favorite home designer! Then check back here on March 4th, when we reveal which lucky wedding planners, designers, dressmakers, and more have made the cut!

Your vote counts! Tell us which photographers, designers, venues, caterers, planners, and more that you love in our poll down below! Nominations run until March 18th! The finalists will compete for the top spot in the final poll!      

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1) Who is a must-use company for your wedding?  

2) What is their field? 

3) What is their email address/phone number (optional)? 

4) What part of San Diego are they located in? 

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