Volaris Announces New Flights to Loreto, Mexico

Photography By James Hill @ mantripping.com

Thousands of travelers fly to Loreto, Mexico, every year to experience the beautiful islands themselves. Luxurious spas and resorts await any tourist, but getting there hasn't always been as easy as purchasing a plane ticket. 

To make things easier, Volaris created a direct flight from the Tijuana International Airport to Loreto that departs twice each week. That saves travelers from flying into LAX on a layover to Loreto.

Read on to learn why these new flights will change the travel world and create a future island getaway trip for anyone looking for adventure.

  1. Cross the Border Bridge

To reach Tijuana from the U.S., travelers have to stop at San Diego and drive from the downtown area to get to the border. Traditionally, everyone would have had to park, cross the border, and get a cab ride to the Tijuana airport. It added time and money to everyone's travel plans that could be avoided.

Now, the Cross Border Xpress (CBX) bridge makes it easy. Travelers park at the bridge, walk across and are immediately inside the Tijuana terminal. There's no need to pay for an extra flight out of LAX to reach Tijuana, now that everyone can cross the CBX bridge in a matter of minutes. It's part of what makes the new flights to Loreto even more accessible to anyone who wants to visit.

  1. Listen to Live Music

Some airports are full of people rushing from one flight to the next, but where can you go when you need to relax? The Tijuana airport invites visitors to stay in its VIP lounge, where you can listen to live music from an in-house band while enjoying a free drink or sink into a comfy sofa. There's also an indoor smoking area available to visitors who need to step away.

While you wait for your flight, there are plenty of places to plug in your electronics and catch up on all your favorite shows and movies. Sign in to the free Wi-Fi to take advantage of the guest access available to all travelers.

  1. Buy Cheaper Flights

Instead of purchasing thousands of dollars in a single flight to Tijuana International Airport, travelers can drive to San Diego and pay for one directly out of Tijuana instead. When it comes to traveling from Tijuana to Loreto, you'll save more money on tickets with the direct flight instead of purchasing one that lands in Tijuana. 

  1. Enjoy Modern Travel Perks

When you book a flight with Volaris, you'll enjoy all the modern travel perks of other airlines. The main site will walk you through getting tickets to your destination and provide opportunities to make your flight more comfortable. You can check-in online or through your mobile device, and ask for help through Facebook messenger if you get lost.

Monitor your flight's status as you wait or as early as 24 hours before you board your plane. Volaris also offers an exclusive membership to travelers who want to find the lowest prices for their flights and get discounts on baggage.

  1. Experience in-Flight Luxury

Some people are wary of cheaper flights because they assume their experience will lack quality. Don't worry about being stuck in a cramped plane or limiting what you can bring with you. The Volaris experience is part of what makes people excited for its new direct flights to Loreto.

Each seat is made with the traveler's comfort in mind. Relax with your own personal water bottle and whatever snacks you want to bring on board. You can also purchase additional food and drinks from the menu located in the back of every seat.

  1. Travel to a Growing Destination

Buy a Volaris flight to Loreto for yourself to see why it's such a big deal that these direct flights are now routine. Loreto is a growing tourist destination that's a dream getaway. The islands are a quiet place to get back in touch with nature, complete with local tours, craft beer, and aquatic adventures like whale watching. 

Visit Loreto this upcoming year and use Volaris's cheap flights out of Tijuana to get there. It'll be one of the most effortless travel experiences you have, thanks to a smooth check-in process and a quick hop over to the gorgeous islands of Loreto.

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