New Year, New Hair Styles! What New Hair Tools To Invest In!

Photography By Averie Woodard

The Self Care trend continues to our hair!


2018 was the year of skincare, so calling it now 2019 will be the year of hair care. A ton of styling products released the past year all claiming to be better than the holy grail tools we have all had for years in our collection. Hair products are essential, but hair tools make a big difference in a hairstyles outcome.


It's a 10, the hair care brand that promises a 10 benefit promise is releasing its first hair tool, Miracle Professional Hair Dryer. The styling tool heats up quickly, professional grade, long-lasting copper motor, and diffuser. It's a 10, promises it will dry your hair forty percent faster. Less time styling is always a plus.


A widely talked about styling tool is the Dyson Supersonic Blow Dryer, which attracted attention for the $400 price tag. The Supersonic is sleek, silent, and lightweight and claims to meet the needs of a busy salon. If you truly are seeking to invest in hair care to achieve a salon look everyday this product is worth the splurge. Why not treat yourself early this year!


Another product from Dyson is The Airwrap Complete, which retails for $550. This curling iron claims to curl, wave, and smooth hair with no extreme heat. By keeping the hair tool below extreme temperatures, the damage will be limited compared to regular curling irons. This styling tool is subjective to hair types and only works on damp hair. Unless you are only going to curl your hair after showering every time, I would think twice of this purchase.

Hair Styles! What New Hair Tools To Invest In

Another brand that made waves in the sea of hair tools is Drybar, safe to say that this salon as made its way into just about everyone's hair product shelf. The best-selling Detox dry shampoo and conditioner are great, but the Brush Crush is a heated paddle brush that creates a flat frizz-free look for all hair types in one tool. The price tag on this brush is $145, the average price point for Drybar heated tools. The plus side to purchasing anything from Drybar is that you can always schedule a hair appointment at your local location and test out the products yourself. See how your hair holds throughout the day before ordering one for yourself.


For those wanting to create curled looks this year, T3 Convertible Collection Curling Iron will be your new go-to tool. This collection was released in 2015 but continues to win yearly beauty awards (Allure and and gaining rave reviews. The interchangeable barrels create any intensity of curl or wave. A total of seven barrels are available and each one priced at $95 with a necessary purchase of a convertible base for $100. This styling tool adds up to be a splurge or a luxury treat yourself.