New Weight Loss Method? The Magnesium Citrate Supplement


Magnesium citrate supplements are made to help maintain normal levels of magnesium to prevent the suffering of deficiency. This can beneficial for many people since studies have shown that two-thirds of people from the western world were shown to be deficient in magnesium.

Magnesium citrate for weight loss is an over the counter supplement made with a mixture of salt and citric acid. This supplement has been commonly used as a laxative because of its ability to relieve constipation by increasing fluids in the intestines to allow a bowel movement to pass. 

Although magnesium citrates weight loss benefits aren’t known from its laxative purposes, it instead has many other health benefits practical for weight loss. Here are some of the benefits of magnesium citrate for weight loss and the research provided to back them up. 

1. Reduces Constipation and Bloating


As previously stated above, magnesium citrate is well known for its laxative effects in relieving constipation. By pulling water into the intestines to soften your stools and produce a bowel movement, it indirectly reduces bloating and inflammation as well. When the water is drawn into the intestines, this reduces water retention and weight from the body that removes a false body image. 

This can be very beneficial to people who have chronic water retention and bloating, which can help our waists and legs look slimmer and show previously hidden weight loss efforts. Magnesium has also shown to reduce the effects of water retention and bloating from premenstrual cycle symptoms. 


2. Helps With Energy Production

Magnesium is involved with the production of our bodies primary energy source - ATP. ATP is the energy source of our entire body, which includes our metabolism. This means that the more ATP our body produces, the faster our metabolism is. 

Taking magnesium citrate supplements for weight loss can help increase our metabolisms overall energy production, which helps us in losing weight. Having more energy can also help us work out harder for longer in the gym, which results in burning more calories. 


3. Improve Sleep and Stress Levels

When we think of weight loss, we don’t necessarily think of sleep or stress levels being a huge impact, and this can be a big problem. A lack of sleep and increased stress levels directly affect the increase of our cortisol levels, which can cause our bodies to produce more fat. 

Magnesium has been shown to improve our quantity and quality of sleep by regulating our sleep hormones and stress hormones. It monitors our sleep hormones by releasing them at the right time of day so we can stay on our regular circadian cycle and sleep throughout the night without disruptions. Magnesium citrate monitors our stress hormones indirectly by getting better quality of sleep each night and producing less cortisol as a result. 


4. Reduces Insulin Resistance


Insulin is a hormone that when is not at normal levels can cause many problems with our bodies ability to burn fat. Insulin resistance is where your bodies insulin levels are raised beyond where they should be. This causes our body to be unable to burn fat as an energy source and to store calories as fat, no matter how much you restrict your calories. 

Magnesium is shown to be able to reverse the effects of insulin resistance in people who struggle with the symptoms daily. While taking magnesium citrate will help significantly for people with this problem, they will still need to put in the effort of eating healthy and exercising consistently.