New and Improved Neighborhoods

Preserving the Old Neighborhood While Keeping Up with the New

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East Village

East Village

Pulsating with diversity, East Village uses urban planning design to capture the energy of this downtown neighborhood. Through the completion of Padres’ Petco Park and San Diego’s Central Library, both the Downtown San Diego Partnership and the East Village Association promote diversification and a “livable urban concept” befitting its heritage. With several public and private educational facilities, the community also showcases advanced learning institutions in the NewSchool of Architecture and Design, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, San Diego City College, and Thomas Jefferson Law School.

Downtown San Diego Partnership’s Senior Vice President Danny Reeves describes three phases of development fueled by public and private investment. With Petco Park and the Library completed, the middle phase focuses on the development of an urban green space which will be second only to Balboa Park in size. With several housing and mixed-use facilities already completed—such as DiamondView Tower, Legacy Apartments, The Mark Condos and others—East Village furthers its ambitious goals to infuse and coordinate high-quality life.

East Village Silo

This coordinated approach even includes dog parks. “We want a dog-friendly, pedestrian-friendly community spirit,” says Reeves.“We want [EastVillage] to also be for young families and kids.” Included in this concept are Safety Ambassadors and homeless support efforts that provide resources to the community. 

Makers Quarter, a new project on the edge of East Village that will combine creative work spaces and housing with curated restaurants and shopping, represents the final phase of East Village’s development. “People can get together to work collaboratively,” says Reeves with obvious excitement in his voice. “There is continued demand for more housing, specifically rentals.” 900 new units are in the works. Further goals include energizing the idea district and expanding even more innovation. Case in point: the NewSchool of Architecture and Design student thesis proposed a “social experiment” whereby vacant blocks or lots become gathering places or pop-up fashion boutiques, using space or shipping containers from which to operate. The QuartYard, a creative fusion of the above, promises and delivers that storied proposal. It seems there’s no end to an inspired and innovative East Village!