Nominate the Best Tacos in San Diego

We're making 2016 the year of YOU! Pick your favorite tacos!

Top San Diego Taco Shops

Have you heard about our fabulous 2016 plans? We want to make this year all about YOU! So this year, we asking you to tell us all of your favorite San Diego joints: the best Spas, the best Day Care centers, and the best Pizzerias! Your favorite pizzerias will be announced on January 20th; this week, we want to hear all about your favorite taco shops!

Let's be honest here; Southern California has the best tacos in pretty much all of the United States. A classic, Southern California taco is a must. Whether you prefer fish tacos or carne asada tacos, San Diego has the goods!

Nominate your favorite San Diego taco shops down below! Nominations are open until January 25th at midnight, so make sure you vote for your favorites! Then, tune back in and vote for your finalists!

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Your vote counts! Tell us which San Diego taco shop you love in our poll down below! Nominations run until January 25th! The finalists will compete for the top spot in the final poll!

What is your favorite taco shop?       

Where is it located (ie Carlsbad, Del Mar, etc)

Best type of taco?