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Not Vodka Waterbottles

Since launching in 2016 with their goal to “inspire individuality, give generously and help hydrate humanity,” Not Vodka Water Bottles has become the must-have item for those who do a lot of traveling or who just love having water with them wherever they go, like to the gym or the mall. The logo alone is an eye-catcher; combine that with tons of fun colors and interesting designs, like neon pink, puppies and pizza emojis, and this is an unforgettable bottle. This stylish accessory is guaranteed to start a conversation no matter where you go. 

Not Vodka Water Bottles are reusable and very durable; they’re walled with stainless steel, have a copper lining and an insulated lid. Parents will love these nontoxic, BPA free bottles for their kids and themselves. These remarkable bottles can hold 17 to 25 fluid ounces, depending on the model (the Mini Bullet or the regular sized Bullet bottle). The bottles keep your drinks cold for up to 30 hours or hot for up to 12 hours. They will even keep your fizzy drinks from going flat!

Founder and CEO Andrew Varela says, “We are driven by individuality and decided to create a reusable bottle that people would love to drink from, carry around and buy as fun gifts for friends. As a company, we are passionate about fighting the worldwide water crisis and making clean drinkable water accessible to all.”

The company’s ultimate mission, to hydrate humanity, led them to partner up with the Thirst Project and CODE:RED. The Thirst Project is a great charity that helps educate and encourages the youths of today to help end the current global water crisis and CODE:RED helps support the homeless population by providing them with clean water and shelter during those extremely hot summer months. Plus, every bottle that gets sold is included with a special insert and a code that you can enter online to contribute $1 to either of these incredible charities.

You can fill these bottles up with your favorite cocktail—we won’t judge you. To purchase these bottles or get more information, visit Not Vodka Waterbottles

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