5 Keys to Successful Plastic Surgery

These tips will help ensure the best plastic surgery experience.

Tips on ensuring a successful plastic surgery by Dr. Scott Miller in San Diego.

5. Have the right motivation, realistic expectations, and a good surgeon. 

Be informed and do it for yourself – not for your spouse, your kids, your friends, or anyone else.

4. Be realistic about the effects. 

Plastic surgery cannot save a bad marriage, turn you into a movie star, or make an unhappy life a happy one. However, there is a lot plastic surgery can do – it can improve your looks, it can help you look as young as you feel, and it can boost your self-esteem and self confidence.

3. Be realistic about results. 

Plastic surgery gives improvement–not perfection.  If improvement is your goal, chances are you will be pleased with your result. Choose a qualified surgeon you feel comfortable with.  Choose someone who is easy to talk to, friendly, and professional.  If your doctor doesn’t listen, he/she won’t hear and the chances of achieving your desired result diminish.  Choose someone who listens closely to what you want and cares about what you need.

Dr. Scott Miller, San Diego

2. Today, all kinds of doctors perform plastic surgery. 

With a general medical degree, a doctor can practice any specialty regardless of whether they have had any advanced training. The American Board of Plastic Surgery oversees the field of plastic surgery and reviews training for eligibility and certification. Choose wisely.

1. Be sure the surgery center where your procedure will be performed is a certified facility. 

AAAASF is the leader in ambulatory surgery center accreditation and it holds its facilities to a rigorous standard. While many aesthetic procedures are performed safely in outpatient settings, a surgeon should have privileges to do the same procedures in the hospital.

About Dr. Scott Miller

Dr. Scott Miller is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon as well as a Clinical Assistant Professor, of Plastic Surgery, University of California San Diego, School of Medicine.  He is the founder of Miller Cosmetic Surgery Center at Scripps Hospital La Jolla.  Dr. Miller has published several textbook chapters on aesthetic plastic surgery and numerous articles in plastic surgery journals.  He is also active with the Interface International Volunteer Surgery Program.

Dr. Miller can be reached at millercosmeticsurgery.com or by phone at 858-453-3133