MANGO A Fashion Empire

Mango Fashion

Originating in Barcelona, MANGO is not just a tropical fruit to indulge one’s tastes; it has become a manufacturing powerhouse and multi-international clothing brand focusing on women’s and men’s apparel and accessories – with a clear intention to dominate and become a fashion empire. By satisfying the fashion appetites of European markets since 1984, this innovative fashion mogul lends its continued success with the vision of establishing a fashion presence in every major city around the world. Despite the downturn of the economy, MANGO continues to expand, possessing a total of 2,060 stores in over 104 countries worldwide; this can be attributed to being one of the leading pioneers of developing a major brand and manufacturing company, utilizing technology as a means of reaching consumers on a global scale – having established its first online store in mango fine magazine november 2011 clothing 1

This expansion continues with the recent openings of numerous stores in cities abroad such as Tokyo, Beijing, Erlangen, Verona, and even Iraq within the last couple of years; the brand also launched their fall 2011 collection to the likes of fashion destinations such as the Philippines and Paris to showcase their current trends and signature looks for the upcoming season.

One of the key concepts to MANGO’s success in differentiating themselves from the competition is that they market themselves in ways that are not only efficient, but provide fast turnover with high quality of merchandise appealing to the young, urban, and hip demographic. Iconic faces that have graced the pages of MANGO’s advertising campaigns include starlets such as Scarlett Johanssen, model/actress Mila Jovovich, and supermodel Kate Moss as of recent launching the fall 2011 collection. Although MANGO is a major fashion label within markets abroad, setting themselves as one of the leaders in European retail sales and becoming one of the second largest retail/textile exporters of Spain, the brand and label under MNG is beginning to break ground in the U.S. MANGO has opened stores in New York City and Chicago, making their way to the west coast with the establishment of a boutique in Orange County’s South Coast mango fine magazine november 2011 clothing 2

Some of MANGO’s key trends to look for in their fall collection include boot-legged denim and bright-colored pants, along with cropped trousers. Staple samples within the collection offer striped sweater knits, star-print designs, tweed blazers, and sleeveless faux fur jackets. In dressing the urban young professional with affordable runway fashions, MANGO is noted to dress the needs of the contemporary modern individual, ranging from sporty-casual to chic business attire, and even evening wear.

UPDATED:  Mango Spring Summer 2015 Collection 

On a mission, MANGO continues to push forward in providing its fashion consumers a lifestyle that accommodates for their stylish needs. “Our objective is to dress the urban and modern woman/man and also meet her/his daily needs,” shared Salvado. “This is the formula which we have analyzed, adapted, and applied to each country we operate; and, it is one of the keys to our commercial success and international prestige.”