The Boudoir Divas

Get close-up with the ladies bringing sexy back to San Diego.

Boudoir Diva founders, Marissa Boucher and Kimberlee West

A little less conversation—a little more lights, camera, action! Boudoir photography has become more popular by demand from women that are looking to get their couture-pose face on and slip into something a little more revealing to celebrate special occasions such as engagements, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and weight-loss—and the list goes on.

And you don’t have to be Parisian to get into character either. Typically this genre of photography captures candid moments of women in beautiful lingerie—but for the Boudoir Divas in San Diego, sexy lace is just a small part of what they believe to be an empowering expression of femininity. 

Founders Marissa Boucher and Kimberlee West are big on education. They’ve taken to the stage all over the world to speak their piece about boudoir and passion for creating intimate and beautiful art. In addition to international workshops, the ladies have also published a boudoir book, exploring their craft in more detail, and sharing with photographers the self-empowering and esteem-building qualities of boudoir photography. 

Diva’s enormous studio in Sorrento Valley accommodates every taste and style, featuring an array of both traditional boudoir vignettes, as well as several updated twists. Go for glam or get the edge with a personalized “supermodel” experience. For a clever gift idea this holiday season, gift certificates are available.

Located on 10025 Huennekens St., San Diego, CA 92121 - Phone number (858) 485-0443