Artist Anita Lewis

American abstract woman artist, Anita Lewis, breathes art into San Diego.

Anita Lewis

Artist Anita Lewis FINE Magazine
Shown: Architectural home in RSF by architect W. Cunningham with Lewis’ work.

The art of Anita Lewis can be found all over the world, yet she has her studio right here in North County San Diego. For years her work was appeared prominently in La Jolla, at Monarch Gallery and she plans to exhibit her work locally at future events and venues including, Mandell Weiss Gallery, at Liberty Station and Art San Diego 2013. As an American abstract woman artist, her work emulates her international heritage and love of nature. Born and raised in Los Angeles and Germany, she also enjoyed strong cultural influences of Europe and the old masters.

Artist Anita Lewis FINE Magazine
Shown: Corporation in South Carolina with commissioned diptych, “October Moon”.

Anita Lewis is no stranger to the fine arts and architecture, drawing from her ancestral heritage of artists, musicians and engineers. She began oil painting at the tender age of eleven, and sold her first commissioned work at age 14. She then went on to study art and design. Having a long and successful career in high-end modern interior design, she decided to return to her love of art and continue professionally. She steadily earned increased international recognition, participation in international art fairs in New York, Las Vegas, and Buenos Aires. Her art is collected in many countries and represented in fine art galleries throughout the world. She has a collector base of corporations, medical centers, and high-end architectural homes.

Artist Anita Lewis FINE Magazine
Shown: “Blue Grid,” a theme of the grid to abstraction that will be presented at Art San Diego 2013.
Artist Anita Lewis FINE Magazine
Shown: “Pointe of Light,” an expression of the emotive and up-close moment of the dance as an abstracted figure.

The art of Anita Lewis embraces the rare use of the classical medium of oils in abstract work, just like the early abstract painters of the mid-century. She identifies strongly with modern art and architecture as well as the classics. Stark linearity seems to dissolve into abstraction, yet there is detail in the obscure. Her work can be described as earthy, textural, and emotive, reminiscent of earthy scenes. There is a freedom to her work, but an underlying structure prevents chaos, pulling the pieces together. Her paintings seem to call out a visual experience of long-yearned memories or emotion from the viewer. Lewis has also been exploring the world of dance, equestrian themes and other abstract figuratives. One of her latest projects involves exploratory first time collaboration with the San Diego Ballet, a fresh endeavor of the arts supporting the arts. In November she will be exhibiting her work at the prestigious international fair at Art San Diego 2013 in Balboa Park.