The Art of Falling in Love

New reality TV show “The Romance” debuts in San Diego.

Real People. Real Life. Real Romance. That’s the message touted by a poster hung on Ken Gora’s wall, just above a stack of papers on his desk.

“That’s over a hundred contestant applications,” said Gora, creator and executive producer of “The Romance: So You Think It’s Love.”

Dating Reality Show Ken Gora FINE Magazine

“People are looking for love and when they also see the opportunity to both date and visit some of San Diego and Southern California’s greatest restaurants and venues, it’s a win for everyone,” he said.

The new reality television show helps people find romance and love, but the six-episode series does more for the city than just set up singles. “Contestants benefit, companies benefit and cities benefit,” Gora said.

Dating Reality Show Ken Gora FINE Magazine

The San Diego program focuses on real people and real relationships with a panel of experts including former supermodel Kelly Emberg, who together will be ready to give contestants constructive feedback.

“Nobody is living in a mansion, no one is flying to Bora Bora or Tahiti on a third date, not everyone looks like a model and no one is asked to get engaged or married,” Gora said, comparing his show to well-known dating shows like “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.”

Ken Gora FINE Magazine[ Shown left: Ken Gora Producer]

“Everyone lives in San Diego, and all our contestants have jobs, some have kids and they are really trying to meet that special someone while living their normal routine,” he explained.
With a masters and doctorate in psychology, and more than 20 years in recruiting and headhunting, Gora feels “The Romance” will be both entertaining and educational.

“Have you ever watched one of these TV shows or heard about what happened on a date and wished you or someone could just shake them silly and tell them what you were seeing?” Gora asked. “That’s what we do. In the show we have both a psychologist and a relationship expert as well as guest experts that will be giving the contestants feedback on their choices throughout their dating experiences on the show. The television audience learns from these conversations and feedback, as do the contestants.”

Both San Diego and national companies will benefit from the television series, which is scheduled to air this November on Channel 4 Cox Cable and Time Warner Cable as well as the web. The program will give local restaurants, salons, wineries and other venues national recognition.

Upcoming episodes will have a combination of group dates as well as individual dates, Gora revealed. Contestants might be eating a dinner at Mia Francesca in Carmel Valley or Sbicca’s in Del Mar. They will experience a Zolna Yacht Charter or a hosted event by Que Syrah Resort in the wine country of Temecula.

Live filmed auditions for male and female dating contestants, ages 24 to 44, will be held at the Grand Del Mar Resort on Oct. 11 and 12. For more information on “The Romance,” visit