Yanya Morton's Artistic Expressions

American-Canadian artist Yanya Morton introduces art to San Diego.

Yanya Morton standing behind her art,

Images by Yanya Morton

The Art of Yanya Morton can be found in both Canada and throughout the United States. This Emerging Artist is currently represented by Coolhaus Art in North County's Solana Beach. Yanya Morton comes from a long line of artists and musicians and has been drawing and painting since childhood, winning various awards and gaining recognition as a respected artist from a young age. This British-born artist traveled throughout Europe and the Middle East living in such countries as Greece, Germany, Turkey and Afghanistan. These early cultural experiences presented Yanya Morton with a better understanding of cultural diversity and instilled an insatiable desire for travel.

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Yanya Morton's career as an artist started in the film industry in Vancouver Canada at the tender age of sixteen with the feature film "Jumanji" staring the late Robin Williams. With this experience being her first taste of what life as a professional artist would be like, she never looked back. She continued working in the film industry as a scenic artist for nearly a decade. Traveling has always been the ultimate inspiration for this Canadian-bred Artist. She returned to Europe and moved on to spending time in Morocco before deciding to attend the prestigious Ontario College of Art And Design in Toronto, Canada. Yanya Morton transitioned from the film industry in Canada to focus solely on her career as a painter after moving to Cardiff, California. It wasn't until she moved to the United States that she was able to allow herself to come into her own as an artist and where her paintings became the ultimate reflection of her creative freedom. With her many cultural experiences, her work and subject matter has always been influenced by the mythology and philosophies of ancient and foreign culture and their relation to social and political issues of the western ideal. The art of Yanya Morton embraces the conceptual and the academic. She strives to force her viewers to remove themselves from conventional thinking and question their own perception of the issues addressed in her work.

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Yanya has acquired an intrinsic style and body of work that sets her apart from other artists. Her work is extremely unique, yet her mediums of choice are not. Her recent works on canvas and mannequins with oil paint, gold leaf, and text  provide a provocative and unexpected dialogue between the viewer and the subject.

As a practicing yogi with a great grandmother from India, Yanya has always had a fascination with the fundamentals of Hinduism and it's offshoot, Buddhism. Hinduism dates back to 3000 B.C.E. and is a religion of diverse beliefs, with many gods and goddess where reaching enlightenment by the Path of Knowledge, the path of devotion or the path of good deeds is veered as the ultimate means of salvation in order to break the cycle of birth death and reincarnation. Hinduism is about understanding existence with in ones own soul where Buddhism is about finding the not soul, dispelling the very illusion of existence through the practice of morality, concentration and wisdom in order to attain "Nirvana." With the rejection of the Creator God in Buddhism being replaced by the Buddha's teachings called the Dharma, which originated approximately 2,500 years ago, it is considered a philosophy by other religious groups. Buddhism is not a philosophy. It is the practical teachings of Buddha and its Goal is "Nirvana." It is a religion that is based solely upon the virtue of compassion, where with Hinduism virtue is based upon following Righteousness. It is these ideas and how they relate to the common man and his role in society that drives Yanya Morton's most recent works.


The Search for Truth, a Virtue of Compassion

Her collector base is predominantly high-end Architectural homes in Las Angeles and the hospitality industry in cities such as Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. Her Current most recent works can be seen at Coolhaus art Gallery at 345 North Coast Highway 101.