October 2018

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Tips for Getting a Sports Scholarship

Here’s how you can improve your chances of gaining the sports scholarship of your dreams.

How To Create A Calm And Relaxing Bedroom

The decoration you choose for your bedroom has a significant impact on how you feel, and how relaxing the space is. Although it’s essential to use neutral colors for a calming effect, you will also need to decorate the bedroom with personal touches so that you can feel at home.

A Guide to Purchasing High-Quality Furnishings for Your New Home

What is it that makes a piece of furniture quality? Is it the price tag, the manufacturer, the style, or something else? High-quality furniture features fine craftsmanship. These are the pieces that are made by hand instead of on an assembly line.

Start Living Sustainably — Here’s How

Such a way of sustainable living is desirable nowadays, especially since there are a lot of threats and issues with the environment. The polar ice caps are getting thinner. Forests are receding like the hairline of an old man. Water sources are getting contaminated.

Things You should know About Different Types and Characteristics of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring wasn’t a big deal back in the day. However, with increased demand for economic flooring, this type of flooring is taking many homes by storm. Nevertheless, with all the economics and quality of the flooring style, the question that comes to mind is, which type of flooring is best-suited for my home?

The Beginner’s Guide to Welding: The 5 Most Important Things to Know Before You Start

It only makes sense to learn a craft that involves the manipulation of abundant materials. So, if you’re planning on doing your own welding projects, there are a few things that every welder worth his or her salt should know.

How to Raise Additional Cash for a Home Refurb

That's great if you intend to sell your property, but what if you want to carry on living there and simply don't have the money to get the right rooms done? Read on to find out how you can find some extra cash to get your house looking its best.

Everything You Need to Know About Home-Grown Produce

Even when you purchase fresh food, how can you be sure that it is pesticide free? Choosing the organic option or going to local farmer’s markets is one way of safeguarding yourself against the chemicals, but the best possible option is to grow your own food. Here is everything you need to know about home-grown produce, from how it benefits you down to its effects on the environment.

A Designer's Journey to the Top

Belizean-born fashion designer, Richard Henderson, is a successful fashion designer based in San Diego. With years of hands-on experience, a dedicated business partner and love for the fashion industry, Henderson has built a widely admired fashion line, complete with affordability and chic, Caribbean flair. The sexy-yet-sophisticated florals and prints incorporated into the clothing have afforded much attention to Henderson and his work.

Celebrity Men's Couture: Styles to Steal

Known, loved, and followed the world over; everyone has a celebrity that they enjoy. Some people admire a celebrity for their on-screen presence but many more are also well-known for their flawless style. Below are some of the most stylish Hollywood celebrities in both formal and casual circles and how you can “borrow” their style for yourself.

AC System Tune-Ups Improve Your AC System Performance

The performance of your system can be improved dramatically by conducting routine maintenance on the unit. Gauges need to be calibrated correctly in order to have the best performance possible, for example.

Lipsticks for this Season FINE Magazine

The Best New Lipsticks For Fall 2018. There's so much more to the fall look than burnt orange or a burnt sienna. Think of creamy colors lick a mocha, or a spiced mahogany can be beautiful. The vampiest black cherry you ever did see. It that what's in for this season? Check it out. Here is our list.