How To Choose Storage Shed Brands To Buy



Who doesn’t want some extra room for storage? Regardless of the size of your place, somehow you must have run out of storage space. Storage sheds are a perfect solution in such cases when you’re out of storage place. Sheds are a great way to store extra garden tools, pool equipment, toys, bicycles and even Christmas decorations that are overtaking your basement and garage! Storage sheds are essential for most home owners, especially if you’re living in a small house with low storage capacity. Moreover, sheds are a must-have accessory if you live in a house with a yard that has room to add one in.

However, there are many things worth considering while looking for a storage shed to buy. Firstly, you should decide on what type of storage shed you want to buy as there are many material options available. Outdoor sheds are available in various designs which makes them well suited for storing extra stuff outside of your house. Therefore, you must decide what kind of shed you want, a portable one or a fixed one? We recommend that you should thoroughly think before buying as you’re going to invest a handsome amount in it. To help you, we’ve gathered some top storage shed brands after researching and evaluating them. 

Top Brands of Storage Sheds:

Here are some of the brands that you should consider while buying your new shed. We’ve researched these brands, source Sheds for Less Direct , and you can review the brands there as well.

Lifetime sheds the best in plastic sheds:

Searching for the best low maintenance shed on the market? Search not further when you come across Lifetime sheds except for which model fits your individual needs the best. These sheds are portable and very easy to setup. Lifetime sheds are resistant to harsh outdoor weather and easy to clean with a simple occasional spray off with a garden hose. All Lifetime sheds come equipped with flooring unlike a lot of sheds online. Most of them also include windows, vents, skylights and shelving to help you organize. Lifetime sheds are the most popular sheds online and the most highly recommended for most applications.

Duramax sheds the best vinyl sheds:

Duramax is famous for its top-quality vinyl sheds. These sheds are the most secure ones as they don’t have any windows, they have only a door. Overall, Duramax uses steel in the structure of the sheds making it low maintenance. However, there is a skylight in most models that lets sunlight to come in the shed making it luminous. It requires very low or no maintenance at all. These sheds are quite durable and have a high tolerance. DuraMax vinyl sheds are well suited for you if you need lightweight low maintenance and inexpensive storage area for your tools.  

Arrow sheds the best in metal sheds:

If you want to go for the typical outdoor metal sheds, then Arrow sheds is the right choice for you. Arrow metal sheds use electro-galvanized steel sheets for making its panels. These steel sheets are rust and corrosion resistant and give the required strength to the shed. These steel sheets also make these sheds well-suited for extreme cold and hot weather conditions. Arrow sheds are quite hard to assemble due to many screws but once you assemble it, it is very secure. Arrow metal sheds offer the highest quality of security that you can find in any kind of sheds. The only drawback of these sheds is its complicated assembling. Moreover, these sheds are pests and insects free due to its flush seams.

Lifetime 6446 the best plastic shed:

If you are opting for an outdoor storage shed made of plastic, then lifetime is the best choice for you. Lifetime is well known for its outdoor products made of plastic. We’re making mention of the Lifetime 15x8 shed model 6446 because it is by far the most popular of all sheds sold online. If it works for so many others, it might be the perfect, easy solution for you as well! The plastic used in making these shed kits has UV protection. Therefore, the colors don’t fade over time. This shed is quite substantial because dual-sided thick plastic panels, heavy-duty steel frame and heavy-duty steel roof trusses that helps it in extreme weather conditions. The best part of this shed kit is that it comes complete with everything you’ll love like windows, skylights, flooring, shelving and more! Nevertheless, these shed kits are costly and you also will need to prepare a base structure for it on which it will stand.    

Wooden sheds by Best Barns:

Best barns is the top-rated company for wood storage shed kits. They make shed kits with 100% real wood and their wood is not warped or cracked like some other brands. These sheds are probably one of the most extensive outdoor shed kits that you can find anywhere. Best barns provide barn-like styling to the storage sheds due to which there is a gap of 3’ between the roof and the ceiling. You can easily use this space for creating attics or shelves for additional storage. The optional floor of the shed is also of wooden sheets.

Moreover, these sheds are waterproof and insect resistant because of its Louisiana-Pacific embossing present on its wooden panels. As a whole, these sheds are the best type of outdoor storage sheds that you can get. However, these sheds are really expensive and need paint and shingle maintenance.   

Keter Factor Resin Sheds:

Keter Factor uses polypropylene resin for making their storage sheds. These resin sheets look like real wood. However, these sheds are resistant to rot and decay which is a common phenomenon in wooden sheds. These sheds have a steel frame and an already made floor, which is very strong and durable. One issue with these resin sheds is that they can’t support customized shelving. But if you want you can add corner shelves by yourself.

Moreover, these sheds have proper ventilation and light due to its built-in windows.  There are four different size options available in these sheds, and they come with two shelves. The downside of these sheds is their complicated assembling and high price.

We hope that our storage shed brand guide will help you in making a great decision on what shed will be perfect for you! There are many factors to consider but in our research, we think choosing the right brand is the most important and will help you get closer to your final decision faster. Good luck with your search!