Office Equipment You Probably Didn't Know Your Business Needed


It seems like there is always a piece of equipment that’s being marketed essential in keeping the office more efficient. However, many of these items are often unnecessary for your business needs and won’t improve productivity. 


If you’re wondering what equipment you need in order to improve business costs and efficiency, we have included this list here for you.   

Franking machines

If you’re a business in the United Kingdom, your expenses related to postage can vary from minimal to unnecessary. If you’re operating in an industry that requires you to mail many items, you’re going to see a greater portion of net income spent on these services. Instead of becoming a victim to these cumulative costs, you might assess the situation and see if a franking machine is cost-effective for you. When working with these machines, you’ve already availed a ton of savings on postage. The initial investment will be a huge leap compared to stamps, but you will be saving a lot in the long run guaranteed as you will no longer be needing to buy a single stamp ever again.


The machines do vary from models that can handle large or small volumes of postage requirements. Franking machines do offer you the option of including business logos on any of your postage. This image helps you to represent yourself as professional and cutting edge to any of your potential clientele all while you save money.

Room dividers

Even large office spaces require employees to work in close quarters to one another. However, having a level of privacy has been shown through multiple studies to improve work efficiency. This stands to reason, the less distractions that are offered to a member of a workforce, the more attention they are going to be able to place on a task. A room divider is a great and cost-efficient way to improve productivity without straining your budget. Even small offices that only include two people can be divided and give each employee the privacy that they deserve.


Some departments require collaboration, so your decision to include room dividers is subjective to your business needs. Alternatively, you can have pre-day and post-day meetings in another room, as opposed to continued distractions throughout the day. Employees are also able to communicate via multiple platforms and screen-sharing, so face-to-face collaboration is rarely necessary.

Filing cabinets

With the introduction of cloud saving in the workplace, many start-ups don’t consider the importance of physical documentation. After-all if you are able to store your information online and access it from anywhere, why would you want physical documents? Cyber-attacks have been occurring at a higher rate than at any other point in history. Often information is accessed and held hostage forcing many businesses to comply with the attackers and pay the ransom. Having physical documentation also protects you against needing to store all your passwords in a safe area.


You can allocate keys via a filing cabinet and distribute information that is pertinent to someone of each profession individually. They are also important for storing information that you might consider highly valuable and you’d prefer not to risk storing online. Any high profile clients can have their information stored in a filing cabinet, or you may choose to store pay stubs in there as well.

Cable containers 

When working in an office environment we often find ourselves dealing with a swath of cables. Cables that connect to the internet, cables that connect monitors to computer towers, you get the idea. When we are setting up an office at home for our small business, or starting up a new business, we often don’t consider how much of a pain this can be. Some companies might opt to use zip-ties in order to handle the cable situation, but these don’t let you anchor cables to a specific area. Using a cable holder or container holds the cables together and can easily be anchored to furniture or desks. It will both you and your employees from the hassle of dealing with this mess daily. 

Coffee maker 


Believe it or not, the inclusion of coffee in the workplace is just as effective at reducing costs and improving productivity as any other piece of equipment. In fact, business owners that provide free coffee to their employees are shown to have higher performance figures. This is because caffeine enhances cognition and helps employees focus on the task at hand. 


Coffee costs can be extremely minimal compared to other beverages, and likely the costs will be recouped by the increase in performance among your employees. A coffee maker can also create positive relationships among co-workers. Like the water cooler, a coffee pot brings people together and gives an opportunity for small talk and the like. Employee relations are also highly tied into improving productivity. 

Mechanical keyboards 

Mechanical keyboards have a higher price tag than your traditional product, but there are several advantages to their use within the workplace. For instance, they have a much longer lifespan than other products, and they likely won’t be wearing out anytime soon. For those employees or sole proprietorships that heavily rely on the keyboard, this can cut on total costs over the course of the business. Another disadvantage to these keyboards is that they tend to be louder than their counterpart, so if you are attempting to evoke a culture of quiet work this probably is not going to be the best contribution. They should only be reserved for employees you trust to handle them with care, or for your own personal use.


Depending on your form of business, any of these items can be a great addition to your office equipment. They can help contribute to either productivity, or reducing your overall budget, both of which are great for meeting your goals. Be wary of products that attempt to sell you a gimmick, look up reviews on products and see if you can gain a perspective on how customers felt about its use. Given the wide range of products we have listed, these are some equipment you probably didn’t even know you needed in the first place but rest assured your investment will be worthwhile in the end.