"Once Upon a Time's" Musical Episode Review

The Musical Episode Awakened the Song in My Heart

Once Upon a Time

After six seasons, fans were finally given what they have been asking for: the Once Upon a Time musical episode event has finally aired on Sunday, May 7th. The fantasy aspect of the series helped make the musical plot much more believable than most shows who have attempted one. Along with the musical venture, it also tied into one of the most highly anticipated television weddings this season: the wedding of Emma Swan and Captain Hook, or Captain Swan as the fans call them.

On this week’s musical hour of Once Upon a Time, Emma and Hook’s wedding is getting closer, but the Black Fairy is still a town and still plans to have it out with Emma in the long awaited Final Battle. Flashbacks reveal that a wish Snow makes causes everyone to burst into song. When Emma’s loved ones are taken off the playing field, she discovers a way to delay the Black Fairy by finding the song in her heart.

What I liked about this episode was that it’s plot is straightforward and tied into the overall plot instead of just being a stand-alone musical episode. The musical story fits so perfectly with Emma realizing that her magic is powerful enough to beat the Black Fairy. It shows her that she is never alone, even though she draws her strength from her loved ones. This musical episode worked really well, making it one of the most memorable episodes of the series. 

One of the best songs in the episode is “A Happy Beginning.” It truly describes marriage in a positive and happy light and still manages to work with the narrative of the plot. It was just one of those ending musical numbers that just worked. Even Jared Gilmore got into the song with his one little bit of the song at he was great. The large cast dance number accomplished everything that the episode was trying to do, and was a clever twist to the classic “happy ending.”

Everyone who sang in the episode surprised me with their musical ability. Lana Parrilla's big number as the Evil Queen, “Love Doesn’t Stand A Chance," was so good and Lana just knocked it out of the park. Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas’ number, “Powerful Magic,” was the perfect song to start the musical episode and the sounded amazing together. I was really happy that they got to sing together. Colin O'Donoghue and Rebecca Mader numbers were so much fun to watch and they nailed their performances. 

Once Upon a Time

Jennifer Morrison’s song, “Emma’s Theme,” was the song that really moved me. It truly was her theme song and it really showcased what she was felt these last six seasons. It shows how much she has grown as a character and shows her that she was never alone. It also proves to her that she had the song in her heart all along to beat the Black Fairy. The whole cast just gave every musical moment their A game. This was one of the most original and fun musical episodes on TV I’ve ever seen.

I was so impressed with the episode overall. This special musical episode fit largely within this world that has been created and was still able to fit in with the narrative as they now head towards the epic Final Battle. It was exhilarating, fun and all of the musical moments were exceptional. I always love finding out that my favorite TV stars can sing. This episode was something special and a real treat for me and I’m pretty sure it was just as special for all those Captain Swan fans too.

It was a great episode and a perfect choice for a musical event. I know that long-time Once Upon a Time fans, I included, will be truly satisfied. Also, you can find the soundtrack to Once Upon a Time’s musical episode on iTunes.

Once Upon a Time airs it’s two-hour season finale Sunday, May 14th at 8/7c on ABC.

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